Free Screenings of Electric Car Movie to Feature Electric Car Drive or Rides for Moviegoers

Thanks to support from Central Lincoln, the Siuslaw News, KCST Radio, and City Lights Cinemas, Florence’s Green Movie June 19thwill be two showings of the documentary Revenge of the Electric Car,a sequel toWho Killed the Electric Car?about Jaguar-esque electric coupes GM leased to drivers in the 1990’s, but later repossessed and dismantled.

Revenge of the Electric Carshows how four car companies are launching electric vehicles for fans and hoping to win over skeptics. Director Chris Paine (who also directed Who Killed the Electric Car?) obtained unprecedented access to electric car research and development programs at General Motors, Nissan, and Tesla Motors, while also following an independent mechanic converting gas-powered cars to electric vehicles.  As more and more models of electric cars arrive in showrooms and driveways around the world, Revengeoffers an inspiring and entertaining account of this revolutionary time in transportation. Paine shows auto makers as they race each other to create the first, best, and most popular electric cars for the new car market, including a surreal exchange between GM’s old guard, and Tesla’s infamous and mercurial Elon Musk.  Revenge’s movie preview can be seen at:

Short panel discussions featuring local electric vehicle owners will be held after each showing of Revenge, and movie goers will be able to test drive or ride in a Tesla 3 or a Tesla X, as well as the more-affordable Chevy Bolt, Kia Soul, and Nissan Leaf.

“We are really excited about these showings of “Revenge of the Electric Car” at City Lights,” says Central Lincoln’s Director of Employee, Customer & Community Services Mark Freeman. “Since the electricity Central Lincoln provides customers is 97% carbon-free, customers who drive electric help keep Oregon’s air clean.  Driving electric is also cheap—the cost of charging an EV for 1,000 miles in Central Lincoln’s service area is up to 75% cheaper than buying gas for 1,000 miles. We think customers who test drive an EV after both showings of Revengewill be happily surprised at how quiet and speedy EVs are.”   All who drive an electric car or ride in an electric car after the movie showings will receive a complimentary copy of Electric Car Insider’s “EV Buyer’s Guide,” which includes info on all commercially-available EVs in the U.S., including electric motorcycles and bicycles.

Show times for Revenge of the Electric Car are set for Tuesday, June 19 at 1:30 p.m., and at 6:30 p.m. Free tickets are first-come, first-served, and should be picked up in advance at City Lights Cinemas at 1930 Highway 101 (behind Pizza Hut), but are limited to four per person.

To sign up to drive or ride in an electric car after the movie showings, send an email to [email protected]or call 541-574-2004 and leave a message.