Free parenting class offered for parents, caregivers and educators

Sept. 13, 2022 —Safe Shelter for Siuslaw Students is offering a free parenting class called “Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes.” The 10-week course begins Sept. 29, and will meet Thursdays from 12:30 to 2 p.m. at Siuslaw Public Library in Florence, 1460 Ninth St.

The Conscious Discipline program focuses on identifying kindergarten through fifth graders’ social-emotional states and learning how to respond to conflict effectively. Parents and caregivers will learn how to model encouragement and empathy to build connections with their child and practice problem-solving in the home or class. Techniques can be used for older children too.

“As parents, caregivers and educators, we have a tool belt we reach for when trying to resolve conflict with the kids in our care,” said Jennifer Ledbetter, administrative assistant for Safe Shelter. “This tool belt has tools passed down to us, learned from other parents, books, parenting classes and more. This class will add new tools to your belt to increase connection and reduce conflict in your home or classroom.”

The class is a hybrid format and is available online or in person. For those attending in person, there will be children’s activities provided by the library and supported by Safe Shelter. The library is open to the public during activities.

Learn more @SafeShelterK12 on Facebook or stop by the Siuslaw Public Library and talk to Ms. Gayle.

The class is offered free to all parents, caregivers and educators in the Siuslaw region. Funding for the curriculum is provided by a grant from Western Lane Community Foundation with support from the Siuslaw Public Library District.

To register for the class or for more information, email [email protected].

Safe Shelter is a secular 501c3 nonprofit working to mitigate the effects of instable housing and the experiences of homelessness to the families and youth of the Siuslaw Region.

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