FRAA to feature work of young artist

Dec. 27, 2017 — Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA) is pleased to introduce the talented young adult artist Emily Rosinbaum, whose work is currently on display at FRAA, 120 Maple St.

Rosinbaum is self-taught, and discovered her passion for art when she was very young. As she says, “It has taken a massive amount of hours and self learning to be where I am today.”

 Whales inspire many of Rosinbaum’s paintings because of where she lives.

Once she achieved realism in painting whales, she found her own personal style. Rosinbaum works only in crystallized watercolor for all of her pieces. When not doing art, Rosinbaum volunteers in the local community, and tries to become a “well-rounded individual.”

She currently goes to Lane Community College, where she plans to finish her degree and go on to a University.

Rosinbaum is very grateful for the support of the community of the Oregon Coast, and hopes to continue her endeavors as an artist.

The community is invited to meet Rosinbaum at FRAA during the Second Saturday Art Tour, set for Saturday, Jan. 13, from 3 to 5 p.m.