Focus on deed rather than words; Thanks for successful Farmers Market; Yamaha at 'gateway' bad idea — Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26, 2019

Focus on deeds rather than words

The environmental movement has had a huge upswing lately, which is a basically good thing. As an outdoor enthusiast for decades, I welcome the increased awareness for the need to preserve the great outdoors. Heck, the natural beauty of Florence was a key reason for us moving here in the first place.

However, it makes me concerned that the focus has shifted away from the old principle of “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

Today’s most prominent environmental standardbearers seem to be more concerned about yelling at the other people to do things, rather than actually doing much of anything themselves. Posting rants on social media and holding angry speeches has exactly zero benefit except as virtue signaling to the club of likeminded also vying to be the Highest Paragon of Goodness.

If you really care about the environment, accept your limitations and do what you can here, in our community.


Participate in neighborhood cleanup-efforts.

Plant something. Ride the bike to work when weather allows, if your situation permits.

But do not hold signs by the road, trying to shame regular working men and women about using fossil fuels when they are simply trying to get to work so they can feed their families.

China is not going to stop building hundreds of new coal power plants each year just because Joe Plumber or Anne Nurse feels bad about their relatively miniscule contribution to potential climate change. In fact, the U.S. has largely been decreasing its CO2 emissions over the recent decades; China and India are growing theirs by leaps and bounds.

That’s a problem, and a big one at that. In fact, it’s so big I am going to make the bold claim that me or anyone reading this will never have one iota of say in the international political machinations required to fix the problem.

So why fret over things that are so obviously beyond our control?

Focus on the here and now. Planting a single tree has inifintely more actual impact than a hundred angry entries on social media.

“By your deeds shall you be known” the saying goes; deeds, not “by your posturing.”

So next time you go for a riverside walk, take a minute to fish out the plastic bottle bobbing by the shore. That’s the kind of small, everyday actions you can do to make a big collective difference — even if it doesn’t generate a single “Like” on Facebook.

—Matt Danielsson


Thanks for successful farmers market

Thank you to all of the amazing people who made our Florence Farmers Market such a wonderful success. The participating farms, bakers and Master Recyclers did an outstanding job and entertainment provided each week was a bonus.

I loved meeting and greeting vendors, pets, neighbors and just friendly folks; every week was a fun experience, not to mention the stellar produce.

I especially want to thank the Master Recyclers, who greeted us each week with enthusiasm, samples and gifts of produce bags, other recyclable items and education.

I will miss my weekly foray but am already looking forward to next spring.

— Kathee McDermott


Yamaha at ‘gateway’ seems like bad idea

Is it just me, or does the prospect of having the Yamaha dealership move into the vacating Pro Lumber location seem like a bad idea? I’m sure someone smarter than me has weighed all of the downsides — and then decided to go forward anyway.

Would the noise alone not be reason enough to maybe consider an alternate location, possibly somewhere south of the bridge, where the use of off road vehicles actually begins?

The northwest corner of South Jetty road and the 101 instantly comes to mind since it would be in walking distance to an area now used by ATV’s to access the dunes, and, appears to be as large as the in-town location, maybe larger.

I guess I have visions of upcoming backups as trailer laden vehicles attempt to make turns off the 101, from either north or south, all directly in front of what is supposed to be our new “grand entrance” to downtown. And I’m assuming the business will maintain its service department, which leads to another question: Where will the mechanics test drive repaired or even new inventory?

Will Second, Maple and even Bay streets be used as testing grounds when those situations arise?

I can only imagine the day I’m having lunch outside Homegrown restaurant, and having to listen to mechanics and possible buying customers revving up vehicles (which already have a fairly high decibel rating) — all no more than 100 ft away from where I’m trying to enjoy a good meal on a nice day.

After the city has gone to great expense to improve our main drag in hopes of attracting more tourist trade, I can’t help but feel that this one addition will all but nullify everything else that’s been done. Hope I’m wrong, and someone smarter than me has it right,

—Gerry Welch



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