Florence's 8th annual Community-wide Garage Sale

Sept. 8, 2021 — Florence’s annual treasure hunt begins all over the area on Friday, Sept. 10, and continues through Sunday, Sept. 12.

The eighth annual Community-wide Garage Sale has dozens of locations throughout the city and surrounding communities, as well as business participants in Historic Old Town and the Antique District on Highway 101. All are listed in the directory map (see pages 3-4).

There are treasures aplenty out there just waiting to be found!

If you’re a seasoned garage-saler, you probably don’t need help. But if this is all new to you, here are a few hints to help make the day extra fun.

1. Pick an area or neighborhood to start in, then use a highlighter to help map out your “plan of attack.” You’ve got a lot of ground to cover — stay organized.

2. Pack some extra boxes, sacks and/or packing paper in your car. It’s always a big disappointment to get home with a fragile find and discover that it’s been broken in transport because it wasn’t carefully wrapped.

3. Bring plenty of change and small bills. You are going to need them!

4. Take snacks and beverages along to keep you fortified. This garage-sale stuff is serious business and takes a lot of energy.

5. Be friendly. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, but haggle fairly.

Keep it fun!

Shop sales in your neighborhood

While many people visit yard sales looking for antiques or other unique items that likely can’t be found at traditional retailers, yard sale shoppers should know that their efforts can be great for the environment. Shoppers can browse through gently used items that no longer serve utility for the seller but may be just what buyers are looking for.

Rather than throwing out belongings that get little use, people who organize a sale are reducing their contributions to nearby landfills.

When Buying

• Map out your sales. Look at advertisements and plot which sales you plan to visit. If you have specific items in mind to buy, you may have to visit several sales before you find them.

• Buy only what you need. Don’t be tempted to stock up simply because the deals are good. Decide whether an item will be put to good use or you’ll be selling it yourself later.

• Leave young kids at home. Many kids will grow bored after the first yard sale, if not earlier. Hire a sitter and shop unencumbered.

• Bring small bills. In a world where credit and debit cards prevail, yard sales stand out as cash-only endeavors. Save the seller the hassle of breaking big bills and using up all of his or her change by bringing along small denominations and even change.

• Shop with a plan. If you are looking for something specific, you have the best chance of finding it by shopping early. For the best bargains, shopping toward the end of the sales may garner some deep discounts.

When Selling

• Advertise the sale. The more shoppers the better, so advertising your yard sale can be advantageous. Put an ad in your local newspaper. Some papers have community calendar sections where they also can make mention of the sale.

• Place signs around your neighborhood. Be aware that there are ordinances that govern where signage can be located. Make sure signs are legible for drivers and pedestrians alike. Then, pick them up afterwards and recycle or reuse them.

• Have a nice display. First impressions can mean a lot. Buyers are more apt to visit neat, well-laid-out sales than those that are just a bunch of boxes that have to be dug through.

• Be reasonable when pricing items. Be objective in your assessment of your things. What has value to you may not have as much value to someone else. Leave room for negotiation.

Whether you are the yard sale shopper or seller, following some guidelines can make your experience more successful.