Florence STEP program installs trap, weir on Whittaker Creek

Fourteen members of Florence STEP (Salmon, Trout Enhancement Program) installed the Whittaker trap and weir with the help of five crew members from Camp Florence.

Camp crew and members of STEP met a crew from ODFW at 9 a.m. at the STEP storage shed, where they loaded all the parts for the trap onto two trailers for the 30-mile trip to Whittaker Creek Campground. 

Upon arrival the Camp Florence, the large trap panels were carried across the foot bridge and along the trail to trap staging area.

The Florence crew shoveled the gravel out of the way and started installing the eight large panels of the trap.

Next, the roof panels were put into place, along with stainless steel bands to hold everything in place.

“As the work progressed, it became apparent that the weir would have to be installed on another day,” said STEP president Ron Caputo. “It was 12:30 p.m. when they finished installing the down-river by-pass tube.”

A lunch of grilled hot dogs, chili, chips and homemade cookies was served up.

A week later, a crew of 17 STEP members carpooled up to The BLM Whittaker campground, where they installed the supports and cross pieces for the weir.

Once that was done, several members formed a line and handed down the pipes, which were quickly installed into the cross pieces.

After a few minor adjustments and the installation of a grate at each end, the project was complete.

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