Florence plastic waste to go to Recycle Roundup

Area Master Recyclers gather local plastic to take to Eugene

Sept. 5, 2018 — Lane County Waste Management and the Master Recyclers of Florence want to invite everyone to participate in the upcoming “Recycle Round-up” on Sept. 30.

In response to many changes in recycling standards, Lane County is hosting the event at the Glenwood Transfer Station in Eugene to accept all of the materials on the current list of recyclables accepted from consumers.

Kelly Bell, coordinator for Lane County’s Master Recycler Program, instructs about and supports recycling efforts countywide.

“The response to the plastics collection event is amazing. The word is getting out like wildfire. For all the different ways recycled plastic collection may take place for coastal residents, Master Recyclers will be called upon to give good direction and advice,” Bell said. “Folks are listening right now so here is your chance. Be the coach and collector for a full carload of plastic, whether you are the driver or not.”

Recent confusion surrounding what can and cannot be recycled has created a situation where many consumers across Lane County are simply throwing all plastic containers, bags and packaging in the trash, which then ends up in a landfill. This collection event is meant to decrease this problem.

Michelle Le Blanc, a Master Recycler, will be coordinating local efforts to bring as much plastic waste as possible to the Glenwood Station from Florence on Sept. 30.

“The Master Recyclers of Florence are planning to gather plastics at my house to take to Eugene,” Le Blanc said. “We must go through each load to make sure it is clean and only the appropriate plastics are included.”

Only specific 2, 4 and 5 plastics can be accepted at this time, and they must be clean and dry.

Le Blanc said the processor accepting the plastics, Denton Plastics, doesn’t have a wash line to handle that part of sorting.

Master Recyclers will also be working with local groups Precious Plastic and Florence ORganizes (FOR) to spread the word of this drop-off project.

“We plan to accept plastics until Friday, Sept. 28, because it will take time for us to look through people’s donations, so we don’t … include garbage or dirty plastic, or the wrong type of plastic,” Le Blanc said. “It is our hope that this will be a monthly offering to us, so please bring the correct plastic that is clean.”

Le Blanc wants to make dropping off plastic waste at her home as easy as possible. People are asked to call her first at 541-997-1275 to arrange a drop off time and get the address.

“I would like to be there when they come so we can check through the boxes when the donations come. This way people can learn as they donate which are not the correct plastics,” she said.

Bell reiterated that this event is a learning exercise as well as an opportunity to get rid of some plastic waste.

“Help friends and neighbors to ‘Recycle It Right’” she said. “People should be ready to answer questions from folks in their circle of influence about what is and is not accepted at this event. … Ensure that materials arrive sorted into separate bags or boxes by number and by shape, and decline incorrect plastics and unclean materials.”

People can get more tips by reading Lane County’s materials on the event.

“The most important reason we Master Recyclers are doing this is to limit the number of vehicles that will be delivering to the Eugene Recycle Station,” Le Blanc said. “An event like this could bring in hundreds of vehicles with one or two boxes, but if one vehicle had all of Florence’s donations, it would greatly reduce traffic.”

For more information on the Recycle Roundup, contact Bell at [email protected] or 541-682-2059.


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