Florence photographer Bob Sanov wins 'best of show'

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Florence fine art photographer Bob Sanov has won "Best of Show" at the Emerald Art Center National Photography Show in Springfield on Friday, Sept.

8 for his photograph "Amonite Fossil Madagascar."
Sanov's work, which was selected from over 250 entries nationally, was awarded $1,500. The show was juried by noted Portland photographer Stu Levy.
Since retiring from a music career in 2002, Sanov's work has been exhibited throughout the area, including multiple centers in Eugene including Diva,
Opus 6ix, Museum of Natural & Cultural History and the Jacobs Gallery. He has also shown his work at the Florence Events Center.
Several of his images have been published in "Best of Photography Annual" and "International Contemporary Artists" & Black & White magazine.
Born in Chicago, Sanov moved to California in the 1970s where he served on the music faculty of California State University Long Beach.
He also pursued a successful career as a Hollywood studio musician, with his performances featured on over 100 motion picture scores, in addition to recordings and live performances with Elton John, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Diana Krall, Barbara Streisand and many others. 
Sanov also performed regularly on the Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Awards broadcasts, along with frequent appearances with various music artists on the Tonight Show. 
For his photography, he prefers to work exclusively with large format black & white film, printing his images in a conventional "wet" darkroom. Of the process, Sanov said, "There is a certain luminous quality that I find in this process that I cannot achieve in other types of imaging."
"Rather than having a specific goal in mind, I prefer to explore the photographic possibilities as they reveal themselves to me," Sanov said. "I am drawn to light and form rather than specific subject matter; the sensuous
contours of a sand dune at sunrise, or the sensuality of the human form. My images are almost always reflections of my feelings about the subject, rather than merely literal depictions of the scene in front of me."
Sanov's work will be on display throughout the month of September at the Emerald Art Center, located at 500 Main St. in Springfield.
For more information about Sanov¹s photographic work, visit his website at