Florence now home to hostel experience

The Florence 101 Hostel takes its cue from a popular European style of lodging

Jan. 2020 — The idea of a less traditional lodging experience is one that many countries in Europe have adopted and embraced for decades. The concept of a less insular travel experience has spread and been adapted to many different cultures around the world over the years.

Known as “Hostels,” these lodging establishments generally have a shared kitchen, bathroom and meeting space alongside rooms that range from dormitory style sleeping quarters to those with private and semi-private rooms.

Florence has recently joined cities offering the public the opportunity to save some money and meet others, with the opening of Florence 101 Hostel, located at 1495 Eighth Street.

The Florence Hostel is the brainchild of local businessperson and entrepreneur Marianne Brisbane, who has owned and operated a number of Florence’s most successful restaurants over the past three decades.

Brisbane has recently opened a new food-related business, “The Bodega” which reflects the international nature of the Florence 101 Hostel in its menu and wine list, which feature a wide array of international food and wines.

The idea for opening Florence’s first Hostel came to Brisbane when she saw that the building across the street from the Florence Post Office was vacant.

“So, I saw the building and I went and looked at it and as soon as I saw it I thought what can I do with space,” said Brisbane. “Then it came to me, I could add another dimension to today’s high demand for inexpensive lodging and add a type of lodging — a hostel — at a much lower price that we didn’t have here.”

The term “hostel” comes from 14th Century Middle English and is borrowed more directly from the Anglo-French ostel, dating back to the Latin hospitāle for “guest accommodation.”

The shared-living experience enjoyed by travelers that prefer this type of group lodging has resulted in more than 10,000 hostels currently operating in Europe, and approximately 300 operating in the United States.

The benefits of staying at a hostel include significantly lower prices than traditional accommodations and the opportunity to meet others and share travel related experiences.

“We have dormitory style spaces that are very reasonably priced at $20 for the night, which includes a continental breakfast, and we have private spaces that can accommodate couples and families,” Brisbane said.

Another aspect of the thinking behind the Florence 101 Hostel is the familiarity that travelers, particularly those that are younger, have with the concept of the hostel.

“Millennials and those with limited incomes are now able to spend several days here and enjoy a very affordable outing to the beautiful Oregon coast.”

For more information on Florence 101 Hostel, call 541-902-1391 or inquire at AirBnB.org.


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