Florence man missing after car accident

Pat Stapp was last seen Friday evening along Mercer Lake Road.

A Florence man is still missing after his car was found flipped over on Mercer Lake Road late Friday evening near Mercer Lake Lane. According to daughter-in-law Alyshia Stapp, Pat Stapp was last seen leaving the Ichiban Restaurant bar Friday evening. Around 9:15 p.m. that evening, Lane County Sheriffs responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident at milepost .75 on Sutton Lake Road, where officers found what they believe to be Stapp's silver Toyota (possibly a Corolla) overturned and off the side of the road.

He was reportedly walking in the direction of his home when he fled, according to sheriff's deputies, jumping over the side of a cliff, and has not been seen since. Police searched for more than an hour before ending the search. It is unclear what injuries Stapp may have sustained in the crash. His wallet and car keys were still in the car when family members arrived and have since been removed.

Stapp's dog was brought to the area to aid in the search but with no luck. "She seems to lose track of his scent when she gets to the place he may have fallen," said Alyshia Stapp. Recent rains likely washed away the scent in that area, which is prone to fluctuating water levels and a lot of animal traffic. "We yelled and called for him for quite some time with no luck," Stapp added.

As of Monday, Stapp's disappearance had been 48 hours, with the family officially reporting him as a "missing person." According to Alyshia Stapp, friends and family from out of the area will be arriving today and tomorrow to help in the search. 

"He is a very resourceful man," Stapp said. "If there's a chance of him being alive, he probably is. We just want to find him."

For now, anyone who has seen Pat Stapp or who may know of his whereabouts is asked to call his son, Jon Stapp, at 541-913-3526.


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