Finally Enough, Outrage and Action — Letters for May 28, 2022


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Finally Enough

How many more children must die needlessly before we pass sensible gun-control laws? How is it that we have not yet reached the upper limit of innocent lives lost before we finally, finally say, “enough?”

So if we have not yet reached that number, tell me, please, how many more children must die before we are ready to admit that one’s right to “bear arms” ends where children die?

We regulate vehicles. In this state, cars must be registered every two years; I assume the same applies to other motorized vehicles. Throughout these United States, one much have a license to drive these vehicles. More, one must first take a class and pass a test to obtain said license, and one must regularly renew and/or pass a test to renew that license.

How is operating a multi-ton vehicle any more of a danger to the public than firing a gun capable of killing multitudes?

How is it, then, that it is easier in this country to own and operate a method of killing many less of a public hazard than driving a vehicle capable of killing as many or more?

I’m not talking about taking away your right to own a gun; I’m not suggesting we ban all guns. What I am saying is that the time is long past when we must regulate who can buy, who can own and who can operate these guns.

And yes, frankly, I am all for banning AR rifles; no one uses them to hunt animals. The only use for such a rifle is to shoot people, and surely we can all agree that we are not in favor of shooting random people?!

What I am suggesting is that the time is long past to regulate and control who has access to what weaponry.

What I am saying is that it is finally time we put the good of the whole above the infantile wishes of the paranoid individual. Are we a member of the global civilization or not?

Debra Walker — Florence

Outrage and Action

In the TV news, all we see and hear about is Roe vs. Wade and the lack of baby formula — both of which are important in our society. What we do not see is the outrage of what is the major problem in our country, and that is gun violence, especially by teens.

We recently had a mass shooting on May 14 at Tops supermarket in Buffalo, NY, where 10 black people were killed. I noticed there was little reaction from our legislators in Washington or little protests. Seems like the norm has numbed our nation for action.

On May 24, there was a mass shooting at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, where 19 Hispanic second, third and fourth-graders were slaughtered, along with two teachers, by a local teen. Since Columbine in 1999 and Sandy Hook, we have not had any legislation to address the gun problem in our country.

In our upcoming November election, I propose that on the ballots in each state there is a national vote to what type of arms are required to protect property, life and liberty. Make it illegal to manufacture, sell and own any tactical automatic weapon.

This would also include that the physician/psychologists do not have the right to patient/client privacy when it comes to those when a red flag is raised, and requiring an intensive background check be done before an individual can purchase a weapon.

I am not against guns when they are used for sport or practice, but it does not require an assault weapon. Skeet shooting (an Olympic sport) is wonderful, as is target shooting (Biathlon is an Olympic sport).

As a boy and young adult, I hunted and killed many rabbits, doves and quail. One year while going to art school, I killed two deer. I took 130 pounds of venison back to school and rented a cold locker and ate venison about three times a day for nine months. My arsenal was a single shot 22, single shot 410 shotgun, 16 gauge shotgun and a Winchester 3030.

The only thing I now own is a 9mm pistol that I enjoy going to our local rod and gun club and practice firing. If I wanted to protect myself and home, I would prefer a shotgun.

What do we do with this outrage? It must lead to action.

 Win Jolley — Florence