Elks keep van running; Something wrong; Thanks for speed reduction — Letters to the Editor, March 2, 2019

Elks, Community support keep van operating

The Friends of Florence Van Fans wants to give a big Thank You to the Florence Elks Lodge for its continued support of our “game day” fundraisers.

Once again, the Elks Lodge allowed us the use of their facilities and provided delicious food for our luncheon. All the money raised goes directly to the operation of the Friends of Florence bus that transports cancer patients round trip to Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Oregon Urology Institute free of charge for their treatments.

It is support like this that we receive from the entire community that has kept the bus operating since 1985.

With sincere appreciation,

—Sharon Grove,

Van Fan member


Something wrong with this picture

I listened to Senate Republicans castigating Michael Cohen for previously being caught lying to Congress while defending Donald Trump.

Over and over, they expressed their indignation that a liar should be brought publically before the country.  These same senators have experienced an endless deluge of lies from the president, who publically, verifiably and endlessly lies to the American people and then lies about lying.

There is something wrong with this picture. Are these senators infuriated that Cohen is no longer lying for the president as they continue to do?

—Karen Mahoney


Thanks for the speed reduction

We thank The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and Mike Miller with the City of Florence for lowering the speed limit along a section of Rhododendron Drive — from 45 mph to 40 mph — bringing it in line with other roads, many with fewer residents.

After moving into a neighborhood adjacent to the section of Rhododendron Drive with the 45 mph speed limit, we realized how dangerous it was to pull out when cars rounded the curves at that speed and above.

The City of Florence listened to our concerns and ODOT verified them with their speed zone investigation. 

—Mike and Pat Allen


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