Elk, deer winter migration begins along Oregon coast

Motorists and spectators are reminded to be mindful of the animal movements

Jan. 18, 2020 — The Central Oregon Coast is experiencing its seasonal cold weather. Although the weather slows down our daily commute, humans are not nearly as affected as wildlife, specifically elk and deer.

Natural food sources are lean in the upper elevations in the coast range during the winter as snow falls, covering the ground.

This time of year, with snow accumulation in the coast range and freezing temperatures periodically down to sea level, elk and deer may move to even lower elevations to find adequate food.

These additional movements often mean that the animals are crossing major roads both day and night which creates hazards to motorists.

Motorists and spectators are reminded to be mindful of the animal movements. If you see one deer cross in front of you, chances are there is another one behind.

Always take into account that the animals are often stressed due to additional migration in search of food.

When spectating, keep a minimum distance of 100 yards from wildlife.

If the animals begin to move from your presence, don’t follow them.

Oregon Revised Statute 498.006 does protect the chasing or harassing of wildlife.


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