Easier to breathe; Simple answer to voting concerns — Letters to the Editor, July 31, 2019

Tourism is the lifeblood of this town

Easier to breathe

Like Michael Allen, I would like to see the City get serious about the facts related to our changing climate.

Here, it matters for two reasons unrelated to the Paris Accords or any other political agenda; here, it can be seen as a sound business decision and a matter of public health.

Tourism is the lifeblood of this town, and if we don’t get serious about stewarding our natural resources, they will not be available for recreation and commerce.   

Although I do not have any great original ideas about how to save our coastline, our fish or even the people injured in accidents at the dunes, I do have some suggestions for making it a little easier to breathe here:

1) Can people turn off their engines when they are not driving? I have seen lots of folks just leave the engine running, particularly with diesel engines, which send the most insidious particulates into the air — all while carrying on lengthy conversations, running in to pick stuff up from restaurants and stores, etc. 

2) Can we designate some non-motorized, traffic-free areas? Can businesses offer scooters and battery chargers to people who are differently mobile? Can we install some rent-a-bike racks? 

These can generate revenue for the city and get people out of their cars.

I know it’s complicated.

But so is doing nothing.

—Ivy Medow


Simple answer to voting concerns

Turn on the radio, turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper... what do you hear, see or read? 

The Russians influenced our 2016 national election and will do like wise in the upcoming 2020 election is what you hear, see or read about. 

Everyone wants to know how we are to stop this and I haven’t been informed by anyone on how we do this.   I hereby offer a suggestion.  It is very simple really:

Go back to the paper ballot.

This would foil the Russians attempt and as an added benefit it would greatly cut down on the number of illegal aliens and dead people from voting which seems to be increasing. Simple huh?

—Tony Cavarno



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