Donate to local restaurants; Right of people to alter bad government; Grateful for response; Mural that represents Florence - Letters to the Editor, November 21, 2020

Donate what you can to our local restaurants

I’m very proud to live here and to see how much we all love our community. Right now, there are many great restaurants and bars that we all go to regularly. Some are now doing take-out or pick-up service during the current two-week “freeze” throughout Oregon due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. 

That means they are all not doing so well financially. Their staffs have been cut back very severely. 

Well, here is my wish: Please donate what ever you can to your favorite restaurant and/or favorite bar to help them get through these tough times. 

Also, try to get the name of your favorite server, bartender or local musician(s) and give what you can. 

Many are my friends and are losing their cars, homes, apartments, etc., because of being out of work. 

Thank you all in advance for your kindness and concern. 

—Paul J. Biondi

Florence-area musician

Grateful for quick local, county response

The back-to-back storms last weekend hit us hard. Following dinner on Saturday evening, we heard the raucous sound of a chain saw just outside our home. Since the wind was up, we thought a neighbor had a tree down. 

Looking out to the front of our driveway we saw lots of lights on our street.

I went out to investigate in a gale force wind and driving rain. To my surprise, one of our large trees had fallen across the street and was being cut up by a work crew from the county. They pushed the debris to the side of the road and promised to return to remove the cuttings.

In the light of following day, I went out to see the downed tree and found it was not one but three trees that fell side by side. It appears they were healthy, but the supporting ground cover of salal and huckleberry was not enough to withstand the soaking rain and strong winds.

The crew returned to our home on Monday morning in another storm with a wood chipper. Within an hour they removed the wood from our downed trees, filling their dump truck. 

Only two large pieces were left that didn’t fit in the chipper. Then off they went to remove several more trees along our road.

To cap it all off, on Wednesday a county sweeper arrived to scoop up all the pine needles and debris along our road.

Many, many thanks to the Lane County road crew from Florence headed by Adam Lane. They performed admirably during very adverse conditions to make our streets safe. 

We are very grateful for their quick response and hard work.

—Mike and Pat Allen


Right of people to alter, abolish bad government

Governments are created by the people. They derive their ability to rule by the consent of the people. 

When a government tries to destroy our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it. 

Governments should not be changed for frivolous reasons. The citizenry will suffer a lot of oppression before they abolish that to which they are accustomed. 

But when they are subjected to a long train of abuses that are designed to create absolute despotism, it is their right — nay, it is their duty —  to throw off such government and institute new guards for their future security.

—James Sherwood


Finally, a mural that represents Florence

I know many might be saying right now, “Not another letter about that mural on Highway 126.”

However, I think it a very valid subject right now with a new city council and committees starting in 2021 and the fact that more murals will be on the agenda for our city.

In January 2019, I had just moved back to Florence from Idaho and was reading articles and Letters to the Editor about the Quince Street mural that was being decided on — and ultimately chosen and painted — in the spring of that year on the Central Lincoln PUD building.  

Before I passed judgement, I decided to wait until the mural started to take shape. On three occasions, I drove down there and parked to watch it happen. I was appalled at what I saw develop with the weird colors and subject matter that had nothing to do with the Oregon Coast and even less about Florence. 

Even the picture of the bridge is horrible. I now know who made this decision but will not list your names as you know who you are and should be ashamed.

Why on earth would we pay someone to come from another city to paint this when we have so many great artists right here? Every time I go to Eugene now and come home and have to look at it — it irritates me. 

I have visited Silverton, Ore., many times over the past 15 years.  It is a quaint old town where you will find many beautiful murals that reflect the history of the town.  The artists did a great job.

At least that city council and its art committee know their history and wanted to highlight it. I could not help but wonder what on Earth these select members of the Florence City Council and Public Art Committee were thinking when they made this decision — and then agreed to pay an exorbitant fee to someone from out of town, too.

So when I read the story in the Siuslaw News on Aug. 12 about the new mural that the Clawsons wanted to put on their restaurant, I said “Hallelujah.” Finally, someone had a vision of what type of mural should be painted in this fine city — and that  it should be done by one of our great local artists, Michael Wood.

I have always admired the mural on the ICM Restaurant in Old Town that Mr. Wood recently refurbished. 

I sure hope that in 2021 our city council and art committee will understand how important it is to showcase our city and the Oregon Coast, which have so much to offer with the sand dunes, wildlife, trees, rhododendrons, ocean, Florence Events Center — and then use the paint colors that go along with those themes.

— Linda Payton



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