Dino ‘I Dos’

Oct. 10, 2020 — Couple wed in Old Town wearing inflatable dinosaur costumes

Oct. 10, 2020 — Wednesday saw a curious procession in Historic Old Town Florence as dozens of dinosaurs, including Tyrannosaurus rex and other less-recognized species, stampeded past.

The curious event was prompted by the nuptials of Florence residents Tiana Marie Brooks and George Paul Verville.

Tiana and George have been waiting since the beginning of the year to get married. They had postponed their wedding until the danger of COVID-19 had subsided, not anticipating the length of the delay. After waiting for more than six months, the couple decided they would take a more “old school” approach to their nuptials.

The couple figured they would invite friends, coworkers and neighbors to an outdoor wedding held at the Siuslaw River Bridge Interpretive Park on Bay Street. The problem of masks was solved by having the wedding party don giant inflatable dinosaur costumes for a ceremony where the wedding was conducted using a bull horn.

Dino Group

The wedding party then walked up Bay Street to the delight of merchants and visitors to Historic Old Town.

Tracy Brooks, Tiana’s mother, was very pleased with the turnout and the reception her daughter and new son-in-law received.

“What a great day and super fun wedding! I am so happy for my girl and all the best wishes,” she said.

Tiana was the motivating force behind this one-of-a-kind wedding and her message was simple.

“Love doesn’t fit in a box and we wanted to prove it,” she said.

Dino Parade

Dino Darlings

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