‘Deserving of recognition’

Regional Scholarship Ceremony honors Siuslaw, Mapleton students

June 3, 2020 — The annual Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Awards Ceremony was presented Saturday night, as dozens of awards were given to local students from various organizations both regional and statewide. For the first time the ceremony, hosted by the Siuslaw School District, was presented live via video.

“I want to thank you all for taking the time as we gather to acknowledge the achievements of tonight’s honored seniors, and support their education and career aspirations,” said Siuslaw School Counselor Steve Moser, who co-hosted the even with Bob Orr, Dunes City Councilor and volunteer for the schools Aspire program.

Moser stated that although this year presented unique challenges for seniors, it also created areas of positivity to highlight.

“This was the first year for the Siuslaw Regional Application, a system created to simplify and streamline the ways students can consolidate information to submit to local providers,” he said. “Instead of filling out 50 individual applications, students this year had the opportunity to use the new, one stop, all inclusive application that, once submitted, applied to all local scholarships. This is the key to opening the door to more than 120 individual scholarships.”

Moser also pointed out this year would have a focus on regional scholarships.

“This would include students graduating at Mapleton High School as well,” he said. “Tonight we will be honoring Mapleton seniors who are excellent candidates in their own right, and deserving of recognition.”

Moser stated that seniors will be remembered this year for more than just being the “Class of COVID.”

“It may sound cliché, but this is one of the most dedicated, most dynamic, and easily one of the most determined groups of young people to ever grace the halls of Siuslaw High School,” Moser said. “Not the largest group out there, although they may be one of the highest achieving. Graduation rates and test scores aside, this class will have the number of students receiving an honors diploma ever.”

He also pointed out that students have turned in more work and volunteer hours than classes from the past, which is why so many different students are being honored.

“Each honored student has plans for the future, and tonight those plans take a step closer to becoming a reality,” Moser said. “The costs associated with their future goals and career aspirations will be challenging. The sacrifice of time, energy, freedom and money will become well known to these students.”

After thanking scholarship providers, donors and organization for giving to students. As much of the world changes, he said, there will always be expenses for continuing education. Only with the support of generous donors could those challenges be met.

The video link is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTv2Gq6LxG4&feature=youtu.be.

“Without further ado, let’s get to the fun,” Moser said.

The entire ceremony can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTv2Gq6LxG4&feature=youtu.be, or results can be read below:


2020 Siuslaw Regional Scholarship Awards Ceremony:


Western Lane Community Foundation:

Dr. Brittany Hartzell-Baguley Award – Jared Northrop, a four-year renewable scholarship

John Seaver Scholarship – Hannah Rannow, four-year scholarship

Jack & Bobbie Saubert Award – Kelsey Larson

Marteen Wick Memorial – Tiffany Hine

Pony Ellingson Award – Trinity Holmes & Theryn Schwertferger

Art & Jean Koning Award – Kaleigh Anderson & Ricky Loza-Sanchez

Joan Orr Award – Amelia Wells & Ramiro Ramirez

Alan & Virginia Robertson Award – Chloe Madden

Pat Knipe Memorial Award – Elissa Hurley

Beachcomber Dan Barnum Award – Lindsey Long, Brayson Myrick,  & Caleb Hennessee

Roger & Sherry McCorkle Scholarship – Olivia Olmstead

Justin Black Scholarship – Lillian Wells

Hal & Lee Hylton Scholarship – Nina Aaron

Johnston Family Scholarship – Jonah Jarman

Elmer Waite Scholarship – Brooklyn Cahoon

Willard Myers Scholarship – Caleb Hennessee 

Nolan & Lucille Huntington Scholarship – Layla Blakely

Dick & Barbara Whitmore Scholarship – Margot Fleming 

Larry & Florence Englund Scholarship – Zachary Stinger

Noel & Mary Dobyns Scholarship – Wendy Vaughan


Siuslaw Valley Firefighters Association:

Siuslaw Valley Firefighters Scholarship – Raelee Dimon

Verne Passenger Memorial Scholarship – Chloe Madden

Spomer Memorial Scholarship – Kelsey Larson

Amy Nicole Memorial Scholarship – Kaleigh Anderson, Lindsey Long & Caleb Hennessee 


Rotary Club of Florence Awards:

Vocation/Technical Scholarship – Zachary Stinger

Florence Arts Award – Elissa Hurley

Community Service Scholarships – Chloe Madden, Layla Blakely, Margot Fleming, Tiffany Hine & Brendon Jensen

Sneddon Family – Amelia Wells 

President’s scholarship – Lillian Wells

Arthur Coit – Jared Northrop

Founders Scholarship – Hannah Rannow


Delta Gamma ESA scholarships:

Andrea Wright scholarship – Brooklyn Cahoon

Tami Nivens Scholarship – Wendy Vaughan


Oregon Pacific Bank:

Oregon Pacific Bank Scholarship – Ramiro Ramirez & Theryn Schwartferger

Geraldine Bagley Foundation Scholarship – Margot Fleming


Ladies of Elks of Florence:

Ladies Elks of Florence Scholarships – Amelia Wells, Tiffany Hine, Brooklyn Cahoon, Brayson Myrick, Lillian Wells, Kaleigh Anderson & Jared Northrop 

Ladies of Elks Career Technical Scholarship – Caleb Hennessee


Kiwanis Club of Florence:

Burton Beam Memorial Award – Hannah Rannow

Tom Brackney Memorial Award – Amelia Wells

William Bromley Memorial Award – Tiffany Hine

Ron & Norma Vestey Memorial Award – Brendan Jensen

Vawter & Pratt memorial Award – Lindsay Long


Florence Lions Club:

Dale Libby Award – Hannah Waller

Joanne Coffindaffer Award – Brooklyn Cahoon

Mike Groshong memorial Wings & Wheels Scholarship – Zachary Stinger


Soroptimist of Florence:

Soroptimist of Florence Scholarship – Kaleigh Anderson

Chigasaki Scholarship – Brooklyn Cahoon, Amelia Wells & Lacey Robinson 

Eugene/Thora Chin scholarships – Hanna Rannow, Tiffany Hine & Chloe Madden


Veterans of Foreign Wars Branch 3232:

VFW Branch 3232 of Florence Award – Amelia Wells, Chloe Madden, Jared Northrop & Lillian Wells

VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship – Katlynn Tipton & Joseph Gastelum

Voice of Democracy Essay – Hayden Muller & Alizabeth Norton


Individual scholarships:

Florence Police Union Scholarship – Brayson Myrick & Layla Blakely

Central Oregon Coast Board of Realtors – Joseph Gastelum, Caelia Robertson & Theryn Schwartfeger

Mapleton Lions Club – Trinity Holmes & Theryn Schwartfeger

Don Lee Davidson Memorial Scholarship – Brayson Myrick & Zachary Stinger

Daughters of the American Revolution – Lacey Robinson & Ricky Loza-Sanchez

Tony’s Garage – Zachary Stinger

Dick Parent U.S. Marine Corps Memorial Scholarship – Caleb Hennessee

Florence Parent Teacher Association – Nina Arron, Chloe Madden, Layla Blakely & Jonah Jarman

Haley Memorial Scholarship – Tiffany Hine

Siuslaw Student Body Scholarship – Wendy Vaughan & Cai Fleming

Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club – Hannah Rannow, Nina Aaron, Kiger Johnson & Jared Northrop

Rhododendron Festival Court – Brooklyn Cahoon, Shakina Grover, Kelsey Larson, Madelynn Levi, Chloe Madden, Taylor Winona, Elizabeth Rosinbaum & Andrew Austin

Ada Grange Harley Huff Memorial Scholarship – Elissa Hurley, Hannah Rannow & Theryn Schwartfeger

Students for a Better World Award – Tiffany Hine, Madelynn Levi, Ashleigh Hauger, Joseph Gastelum, Olivia Olmstead & Samuel Steiner, 

Children’s Repertory of Oregon Workshops (CROW) – Madelynn Levi

Path to Your Future – Tiffany Hine & Chloe Madden

Florence Area Community Coalition Award – Nina Aaron

Lane Community College Wayne Shields Scholarship – Olivia Olmstead

Lorraine Arnn Memorial Scholarship – Brooklyn Cahoon & Kelsey Larson

Jose DeLa Mora Memorial Scholarship – Margot Flemming, Elissa Hurley & Wendy Vaughan

Siuslaw Alumni Association – Chloe Madden, Lillian Wells & Caleb Hennessee

Salmon & Trout Enhancement Program Award – Jonah Jarman

Florence Garden Club Scholarship – Katlyn Tipton & Jonah Jarman

Oregon Coast Anglers Association Scholarship – Jonah Jarman

Oregon School Employees Association – Brooklyn Cahoon, Kiger Johnson, Joseph Gastelum, Victoria Johnson, Katlynn Tipton & Olivia Olmstead

Florence Regional Arts Alliance – Elissa Hurley

Independent Order of the Odd Fellows – Trinity Holmes, Brayson Myrick & Caelia Robertson 

Siuslaw Rod & Gun Club Marshall Gunderson Memorial Scholarship – Margot Flemming

Genevieve Bailey Memorial Scholarship – Katlynn Tipton


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