Deadwood Creek officially annexed into Swisshome-Deadwood Fire Department

As of Tuesday evening, the two rural fire departments became one fire anexation

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, Deadwood Creek Fire Department was officially annexed into Swisshome-Deadwood Fire. The joining of the two districts will allow the two departments to share resources and personnel, as well as training opportunities and additional grant eligibility. 

"SVFR has been training with our local eastern departments for almost a year now," Siuslaw Valley Fire Department Chief Jim posted on the SVFR website earlier today. "Progress has been exceptional."

Langborg, who serves as Chief Director for both SVFR and Western Lane Ambulance District (WLAD), said that ..."Chief Hertzbach, as a volunteer, spent an incredible amount of his time researching this project and seeing it come to fruition. This is quite an accomplishment and many kudos for a job well done."

Firefighters from the Swisshome-Deadwood area recently completed the Upriver Fire Academy, a fire training program organized through SVFR in an effort to improve the coordination of firefighting in the event of mutual aid assistance between SVFR and Upriver fire departments.


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