David Craddock

Nov. 28, 2018 — David Craddock, aka “Smilin’ Dave Piano Man,” 89, passed away Nov. 12, 2018.

David was born in San Francisco, Calif., on June 6, 1929. The piano lessons he took at age 7 opened him to his God-given talent. He was an entertainer extraordinaire, creating magic through his fingers, bringing joy and wonder to those who heard him in lounges in the San Francisco Bay Area for well over 30 years before settling in Florence in 2001.

David was a part of the entertainment scene up and down Bay Street in Old Town until around  2015, as both a soloist and as part of the Juke Box Kings band.

He is survived by his loving wife of 44 years, Jude Craddock; his children: Dave  Craddock, Jr., of  Las Vegas, Nev., Fred Craddock (spouse Debra Craddock) Pleasant Hill, Ore., and Nancy Lauren Bridges Craddock of Forman, Ark.; step-children: Jeana Le Clerc (spouse Michel LeClerc) of Redding, Calif., Kristen Eaton (spouse Darren Eaton) of Jamestown, Calif., and Joel Schilling (spouse Michelle Schilling) of Quincy, Calif.

The music lives on in the man; the man lives on in the music.


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