Dale Hunt

Dale Hunt, 67 years young, has kicked the bucket.

HUNT—Dale Hunt, 67 years young, has kicked the bucket. He was pursuing the world record for surviving the most strokes when the seventh one in two months finally did him in.

People probably remember Dale as the appliance repair man with the signature mustache that worked for the local store, formerly known as Western Lane Furniture, for some 20 odd years. Dale enjoyed duck hunting, camping, BBQing, cultivating his plants, and his neverending love/hate relationship with house projects.

He loved tormenting his sons and their friends, and had a talent for creating unique swear word combinations when yelling at them.

He is survived by his wife Nicki, three sons; #1, #2 and #3 (he could never keep them straight so he resorted to numbering them), their wives (the daughters he always wanted), five grandchildren, two brothers, a sister and a couple of cats.

His unwavering loyalty, compassion for others and humor — though most of the time inappropriate — will greatly be missed. See you on the other side Double D!