Court finds Dollman guilty of animal neglect

Heather Dollman was found guilty of six counts of animal neglect

March 8, 2018 — Earlier today, Mapleton area resident and past Oregon Coast Humane Society employee Heather Dollman was found guilty of six counts of animal neglect in relation to two horses seized last December by Lane County following reports of neglect.

On Dec, 21, 2017, Lane County Animal Services responded to reports of neglect related to the two horses, Pumpkin and Pepper, on Dollman's property, resulting in a neglect citation and assistance from Oregon State Police in the removal of the animals. At the time, Dollman was cited on two counts each for lack of food insufficient quality and quantity, lack of necessary veterinary care, and unsuitable confinement.

In January, Dollman was arraigned at the Florence Judicial Center on nine counts related to animal neglect. Judge Rick Brissenden presided over the arraignment, during which Dollman pleaded not guilty to all charges.

At today’s hearing (March 8), Dollman was found guilty and fined $250 per count of neglect in addition to a fine of $1,400 to cover veterinary bills. The neglect included a lack of sufficient food, improper shelter and a lack of veterinary care.

The court also decided a home will be found for one of the horses, Pumpkin, with the help of a rescue program. The other horse, Pepper, had severe injuries related to the neglect and as a result had to be put down. Despite an earlier conviction in 2013 of neglect of three horses and a dog, the court has allowed Dollman to keep her current cats and dogs but cannot acquire any additional animals for five years.

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