Councilors welcomed back to Dunes City

Members of the city council sworn in Wednesday

Jan. 12, 2019 — On Jan. 9, Dunes City issued the oath of office to councilors Susan Snow, Duke Wells and Sheldon Meyer on Wednesday, along with the swearing in of Mayor Robert Forsythe. All members had served in their positions previously and ran unopposed in the 2018 election.

Forsythe was appointed Dunes City mayor on Aug. 25, 2017, after the death of former mayor Rebecca Ruede. He first joined the city council in 2016 after running a write-in campaign.

He previously served as Port of Siuslaw port manager and is a veteran.

Snow is the most recent member of the Dunes City Council. She was appointed in December to fill the vacancy created when then-councilor Forsythe stepped into the role of mayor.

Snow has lived in Dunes City full-time since 2016, but she has had family and real estate ties to the area in the past. She had an extensive career with the U.S. Air Force.

Wells has also served a number of terms on the Dunes City Council. A Siuslaw graduate, he served in the U.S. Air Force and later became a logger in the region. He and his family run Old Cedar Tree Woodworking in Florence.

Meyer is the council president and has served a number of years on the council, including a stint as acting mayor, before stepping down in 2007. In December 2013, he was appointed to fill a council vacancy and later was elected to the position.

At the time of his return to Dunes City Council, Meyer said he had been watching the progress of this council for some time and was pleased with their ability to work well together.

After the oaths were administered, Meyer was asked if he would still like to remain as council president.

“Well, I already have a lot of business cards already printed, so it would certainly save some money,” Meyer joked.

Hearing no objections from the council, Meyer was chosen to continue his position.


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