Constance Suzanne McQuoid

June 20, 2018 — Constance Suzanne McQuoid, 69, of Florence, died peacefully while surrounded by her loved ones on April 18, 2018.

Constance was born in Arkansas, raised in Louisiana and South America, and settled in Oregon for the past 37 years.

She had a rebellious spirit, a wicked sense of humor and a passion for the arts, education and the many gifts of nature.

She was an avid reader, intellectual and an Anthroposophist.

She was an educator and an entrepreneur, with her most well-loved endeavor being The Cauldron Cooking Company with everyone's favorite seitan WHAM!

She is survived by her son, Joachim McQuoid of Florence; her daughter and son-in-law, India McQuoid and Christopher Neeley of Chicago, Ill.; sister-in-law Lisa Brick of Morristown, N.J.; her loyal dog Binki; her kitty, Minou; and grand-dog Charlie.

Constance wrote her own obituary, which made her roar with laughter.

Those who knew Constance and her humor will enjoy her final published words:

“On the 18th day of April, 2018, something happened to Constance McQuoid, so she bought the farm. Before she stuck her fork in the wall, she endured the ministrations of Big Pharma and Drs. Butcher and Hackett, exiling her from being classified as mammal.

“She was in the gentle hands of a local home hospice group who cared for her as she transitioned. She had a life-long love of dogs and chocolate, spoke several languages and grew up in Locombia. She loved watercoloring, driving long distances, gardening woody herbs and roses, and the needle arts (not drugs).

“She was the proud mother of a daughter and a son. She considered herself a flaming liberal (therefore not well-liked by limited thinkers) and a pantheist. There will be no bucket-kicking ceremony.

“To all her students, with the exception of a few stinkers, she deeply cared about their well-being.

“We love and miss her infinitely and wish her well in her travels through the Bardos.”


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