Congress, do your duty; Thanks to many heroes — Letters to the Editor, Nov. 6, 2019

Congress, do your duty

I’ve been witnessing the actions of presidents and administrations since I was 15 years old. I’ve seen strong presidents come and go and, as a member of the citizenry, recognize true strength in a president.

What I see today is a wealthy, spoiled man who knows nothing about our beloved U.S. Constitution or diplomacy, and who makes rash decisions based upon his ego.

I’ve never seen a president make so many illogical decisions requiring him to go back and change his mind on decisions, agreements and policies.

I am embarrassed.

Now, apparently, he says the tariffs imposed on China were too severe — something that many others, including in his own party, seemed to understand from the beginning.

But clearly, we can’t look to Mitch McConnel to reason with this president. In fact, it appears the entire Republican administration is slipping into the darkness being brought on by a ranting, Tweeting president.

Congress, do your duty, gain some courage and help your colleagues across the aisle to impeach him along with those enablers that surround him.

Save our democracy and deliver us from a growing corporate dictatorship. Otherwise, I predict you will all go down in history as the ones who saw what was happening and did nothing.

—Wende Jarman


Thanks to our many heroes

I wish to thank our military.

They are my heroes.

I am so tired of the disrespect shown to our law enforcement officers.

They are also my heroes.

I am also tired of the contempt shown to our boarder patrol — heroes all.

The individuals who put their lives on the line every day, including ICE agents, firefighters and the families who love and support them.

They are also my heroes.

These men and women run toward trouble and danger instead of away from it.

They have my thanks and gratitude for everything they do for this country.

May God bless them.

—Lynne Furby



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