Community resources for POC — Letters to the Editor, June 6, 2020

Community resources for POC

Recently on social media, in response to the current racial climate of our nation, there has been a call to list resources of safety and support for either the Black Lives Matter movement, POC and LGBTQ peoples.

I was sharing many links and resources for communities far beyond Florence and, although it is helpful for those communities, I began to think about my own and where these same people are represented here.

I was happy to discover Siuslaw Outreach Services and its commitment to inclusion. I have also reached out to a few of the many churches here in Florence to see if they will share that they are a safe place for people to reach out to if they feel they are being discriminated against or have experienced racism. 

Essentially, my goal would be to compile a sharable list of places and programs here in Florence that are dedicated to non-discriminatory practices and are creators of safe spaces for people of all colors, religions and identities.

I have heard on more than one occasion that “racism doesn’t exist here.” 

Is this something our community truly believes? If so, what have we done to prove that statement is true? 

Currently, our world is standing up and saying that racism does exist. Is Florence somehow exempt from that message simply because of where we are located on the planet? 

I would like to call upon our city officials and church leaders to help me show that Florence, a town visited by people from all over our nation and the world, is a diverse community of families and people that are United Against Racism.

—Bonnie Rollin



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