Community gathers to ‘Remember Leah’

Benefit concert raises money for Friends of the FEC fund

July 17, 2019 — On Sunday, Team Leah and the Vollmar family presented the Remembering Leah Goodwin Benefit Concert at the Florence Events Center (FEC). Up-and-coming 15-year-old singer Nyah Vollmar led the concert with guest performances by Jason Wood, William Owens and Nyah’s 9-year-old brother Jonah.

Annie Schmidt emceed the event, which sought to celebrate the life of longtime FEC light- and sound-technician Leah, who was active with many theater and entertainment groups in Florence.

“It was Nyah’s idea to honor Leah close to the first anniversary of her death and in so doing, raise money for an organization that was perhaps the closest to Leah, heart and soul — not to mention, a lot of sweat — the Friends of the FEC, of which she was once president,” Schmidt said.

All donations went to the Friends of the FEC Leah Goodwin Memorial Fund, which helps support the needs of the theater, subject to the approval of the Goodwin family.

The event also honored the Goodwin family, with Nyah performing favorite songs of both Leah and her father, Butch. The set included songs from musical theater, songs written by Nyah and classic rock.

“Leah was a woman who never stopped believing: in the basic goodness of all people, in their ability to achieve their own dreams, and most of all, in her own ability to overcome any and all physical setbacks,” Schmidt said.

For information on the Friends of the FEC, stop by the events center at 715 Quince St. or visit