Community awards $314,500 in scholarships to Siuslaw seniors


Siuslaw Scholarship Awards Ceremony honors Class of 2022

May 28, 2022 — Business and community leaders, along with parents and students from the Siuslaw region, came together for the Siuslaw Scholarship Awards Ceremony on May 27 at the Florence Events Center. 

Siuslaw High School Principal Mike Harklerode and Guidance Counselor Robert Orr were the hosts for the 2022 event. 

Though a few scholarships for Mapleton students were mentioned, the evening’s event was specifically for Siuslaw and home-school graduates. Mapleton’s scholarships will be awarded at their graduation ceremony, which is planned for Saturday, June 11, at 2 p.m.

During the event, scholarships were announced by each organization who contributed the funds. When no one was available, Harklerode or Orr handled the duties. 

At the end of the night, it was announced that the community had donated $314,500 to area students, up from $217,000 last year. Over the last 10 years, area students have received $1.9 million in local scholarships.

Scholarships Awarded to the Class of 2022

  • Florence Garden Club — Ava Glowacki
  • Rhododendron Festival Court Scholarships — Haylee Cole, Joe Shepard, Alexia Clark, Alexandra Fuller, Chad Hughes, Jason Garcia-Galvan, Cameron Kentta, Camp Lacouture, Alizabeth Norton and James Smith
  • Marteen Wick Future First Citizen — Ava Glowacki
  • Don Lee Davidson Memorial — Ethan Halpin, Alex Dorantes, Jason Garcia-Galvan and Cameron Kentta
  • Jose De La Mora Memorial — John Corser, Jason Garcia-Galvan and Hayden Muller
  • Don Kohler Memorial — Opal Burruss and Joe Shepard
  • CROW — Alex Fuller
  • Mapleton Lions Club — Jahala Blake
  • Independent Order of the Oddfellows — Hayden Muller, Winnie Zhen and Nathan Pfaff
  • Soroptimist International (Eugene and Thora Chin) — Denali Sleeper, Jahala Blake, Madeleine Danielsson and Ava Glowacki
  • Soroptimist International (Chigaska) — Rylee Colton
  • Soroptimist International (Soroptimist of Florence) — Jackie Hendricks-Davis, Kayley Potter and Cameron Kentta
  • Ada Grange Harley Huff Memorial — Alex Fuller and Ethan Halpin
  • Amy Nicole Memorial — Chad Hughes, Rylee Colton and Ethan Halpin 
  • Boys and Girls Club of Western Lane County — Joe Slaughter
  • Daughters of the American Revolution — Thomas Hamblin and Rylee Colton
  • Florence Regional Arts Alliance — Nathan Pfaff and Haylee Cole
  • Students for a Better World — Lexi Clark, Alex Fuller Steve, Donovan Wicks, Pluma Haarstad, Morgan Delle, Chey Erkkila, Rhys Fleming, Maisie Jones and Kayley Potter 
  • Florence Kiwanis Club — Chad Hughes, John Corser, Hayden Houlihan, Winnie Zhen, Jason Garcia-Galvan, Camp Lacouture and Zoe Alberty
  • Delta Gamma — Rylee Colton and Rhys Fleming
  • Florence Area Community Coalition — Alex Fuller and Ava Glowacki
  • Central Oregon Coast Board of Realtors — Joe Slaughter and Jason Garcia-Galvan
  • Siuslaw Athletic Booster Club — Hayden Muller, Ava Glowacki, Thomas Hamblin and John Corser
  • Florence-Siuslaw Lions Club — Ethan Halpin, Joe Slaughter and Brooke Olson
  • Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue — Brooke Olson, Zoe Alberty and Rylee Colton
  • SHS Student Body — Lexi Clark, Alex Dorantes, Maisie Jones and Donovan Wicks
  • Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA) — Henry Rankin, Joe Slaughter, Ethan Halpin, Ava Glowacki, Nathan Pfaff, Jason Garcia, Rylee Colton, John Corser and Rhys Fleming 
  • Elks Most Valuable Student — Winnie Zhen, Ava Glowacki and Opal Burruss
  • Florence Community PTA — Zoe Alberty, Ava Glowacki, James Smith and Winnie Zhen
  • Rotary Club of Florence 4-Way Speech Contest — Camp Lacouture, Opal Burruss and Jane Lacouture
  • Ladies of the Elks — John Corser, Chey Erkkila, Maise Jones, Imanol Pelayo and Winnie Zhen
  • Rotary Club of Florence — Chad Hughes, Camp Lacouture, Ava Glowacki, John Corser, James Smith, Hayden Muller, Thomas Hamblin, Madeleine Danielsson, Zoe Alberty, Denali Sleeper, Winnie Zhen, Henry Rankin, Hayden Muller and Alizabeth Norton
  • Florence Police Union — John Corser and Denali Sleeper
  • Siuslaw Alumni Association — Rylee Colton, Ethan Halpin and Imanol Pelayo
  • Florence VFW Post 3232 — Rylee Colton, Denali Sleeper, John Corser, Winnie Zhen and Brendon Jensen 
  • Oregon Coast Anglers — Ava Glowacki
  • Geraldine Bagley Foundation — Ava Glowacki (this award was missed in the print edition)
  • Western Lane Community Foundation — Camp Lacouture, Lexi Clark, Thomas Hamblin, Hayden Houlihan, Jason Garcia-Galvan, James Smith, Hayden Muller, Rhys Fleming and Winnie Zhen, Chad Hughes, John Corser, Rylee Colton, Ava Glowacki, Zoe Alberty, Madeleine Danielsson, Alizabeth Norton, Denali Sleeper, Imanol Pelayo, Joe Slaughter, Brooke Olson, Jackie Hendricks-Davis, Cameron Kentta, Kayley Potter, Alex Dorantes, Haylee Cole, Nathan Pfaff, Morgan Delle, Henry Rankin and Ethan Halpin

Siuslaw High School’s graduation will be Friday, June 10, at 7 p.m.

Siuslaw students in the Class of 2022 have been accepted to a wide variety of colleges, universities, and trade schools.

Siuslaw graduates plan to study an array of subject areas as they prepare for careers in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, music and music production, acting, business, computer science (including cybersecurity), astrophysics, psychology, forestry, architecture, journalism, welding and pipefitting, tattooing, engineering, criminal justice, law, airline piloting, agriculture, teaching, construction, sports management, culinary arts, cosmetology, plumbing, electrical work, real estate and more. 

According to SHS Principal Mike Harklerode, the Class of 2022 includes many talented and motivated students. 

 “We are really looking forward to hearing from these students in the coming years,” Harklerode said. “We expect to hear lots of stories about their college and career adventures and successes.”

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