Common courtesy needed on river; Litter here, there; Compare Trump's travel to Democrats — Letters to the Editor, Oct. 5, 2019

'We need to provide a welcoming city to support their visits as any good host would do'

Common courtesy needed on Siuslaw River

Not only do I sincerely respect Mitch Sloane of Florence for the letter he sent to the editor a few weeks ago (“Disrespectful Boaters On Siuslaw River,” Sept. 25), but I also have witnessed similar incidents of blatant disregard for boat safety in the Siuslaw River.

Some of the boats in the river have no idea what a channel is. They speed and create large wakes disrupting the activities of others. A small percentage of boaters are courteous, but too many others do not have respect for the other watercraft and their occupants.

I spend a great deal of time on the Siuslaw River in the summer, and every year it seems to get worse with either uneducated or inconsiderate boat traffic. I’m like a lot of Oregonians who took the Oregon Boater Safety Course. I thought it was useful and insightful to study the regulations and safety procedures for operating a boat.

Most procedures and regulations are common sense, but even if a boater lacks common sense, they can certainly learn everything they need to know from this comprehensive course.

In my belief, there is no way that these disrespectful boaters took the Oregon Boater Safety Course. Too many boaters simply do not follow the common courtesy and safety outlined in the curriculum.

When I have friends and family come to visit, we love to go crabbing and fishing. It has become embarrassing to try explain why some boaters show such poor conduct about safety when it used to be a pleasure to enjoy these activities on our beautiful river.

—Bob Riggs


A litter here, a litter there

I recently volunteered for highway litter duty with some of our fellow Florence citizens and I would like to recap for others the litter we found — many bags full, in an area that has light foot traffic.

Besides the dried out body of an unfortunate hawk who looked to have been hit by a car, a garter snake and a lizard or salamander, we found: Hundreds of cigarette butts; many empty potato chip packages; many fountain drink cups, complete with plastic no-spill tops and straws; sadly, quite a few Styrofoam meal containers and noodle cups; big pieces of Styrofoam packaging; many little pieces of plastic container sealing film and film packaging; some towels, paper towels and napkins; and a lot of car pieces, boxes and cartons; and, of course, some shopping bags.

Something interesting to note is that beer can tossers generally drink Coors evidently, but there were other brands and broken beer bottles as well.

Shame, shame, shame.

I have volunteered for quite a few of these cleanups in the last four to five years and I do not see much improvement over time, even though there has been some lip service to the issue.

It occurs to me that we need to step up our game. We make a living from our visitors and from our lovely environment. We need to provide a welcoming city to support their visits as any good host would do, and we need to protect our lovely environment for our enjoyment and enrichment as well as theirs.

Smokers: no lecture about the harm done by this hobby — but please: carry in that pocket or purse a butt box for those pesky remainders. You can use an empty Altoids box to hold those hot butts.

Kids in smokers’ homes: Make Mom or Dad a Butt Box for Christmas! No more butts on the ground please. We all know the harm they do to the ecosystem.

Retailers and restauranteurs: You (we) need to try harder to use eco-friendly packaging, to educate our customers on proper disposal and have some backbone while pursuing profits.

We are on this planet together; we need to try harder.

Customers, citizens: Don’t just take what you’re given in packaging. Tell the business you want to see something different, something that condemns litter or is more eco friendly (because we know that the good citizens of Florence aren’t the litterers, it’s only the visitors).

Use your multiple-use shopping bags and try harder not to be a litterer, even by accident.

Sincerely, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary.

—aka Crystal Clark


Compare Trump’s travel expenses to Democrats’

Regarding Dolly Brock’s Letter to the Editor (“Fair Is Fair,” Sept. 28), I fail to see the relativity to Democrats in Congress traipsing around the country at taxpayers’ expense seeking a nomination for the presidency instead of paying attention to the nation’s business and your listing alleged expenses on President Trump’s travel.

I wonder from whence you came up with figures regarding President Trumps alleged trips?

Maybe we should compare these, if they are accurate, to Obama’s many trips and Michelle’s trip to France with her family entourage as an example?

—Tony Cavarno



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