Collard Road solution; Better vetting; Need help; No problem with shutdown; Protecting coastal borders — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 16, 2019

Collard Road solution is County Board action

Regarding the Letter to the Editor “Need Help Before Collard Road Collapses” (Jan. 12), before writing letters to the editor please check your facts and also avoid criticizing unfairly the person who is already trying to help you.

First, I made no decisions to stop maintenance of local access roads (LAR’s), it was done well before I was even elected.

Second, because the decision to end maintenance of LAR’s was a Board action then it will take Board action to reverse.

I asked for an emergency item to be placed on our agenda concerning Collard Lake Road last Tuesday (Jan. 8) in our Board meeting and to have a regular agenda item to talk about LAR’s in general.

You can watch the video of the Board meeting (

It is agenda item 9.B - Agenda Team Requests at time stamp 3:25:00 (3 hours and 25 minutes into the afternoon session)

I am hoping the Chair can make this happen under emergency business on Jan. 15.

I do have photos of the “collapse” and it is not currently threatening eminent closure of the roadway and our public works crew placed barriers to protect the traveling public.


—Jay Bozievich

Lane County Commisioner

 Better vetting of letters

The recent opinion “Free Offer and an Idea to End Government Shutdown” (Jan. 9) was another fine example of hatred disguised as “opinion.”

That Sheldon Meyer attempts to validate the piece by puffing up as an educated person, stuffs it with insult, and ends it with a death wish, has become all too common in these pages. We have truly become a divided society cemented by such malicious partisan rants. It’s a shame this piece took up room that could have been used for intelligent insights.


—Robert Shepard


Need help on Collard Road

Our home is just past a new and serious failure of Collard Lake Road. A week ago, we noticed that a huge tree at the edge of the pavement was leaning way out over a steep ravine and the pavement inboard of the tree had some big cracks that were growing bigger every day.

A few days ago the tree fell down into the ravine, taking a large portion of the pavement with it. The remaining pavement had the fill pulled out from under it, leaving about two feet of asphalt there with no support under it at all.

There are about 25 homes on the far side of this spot on our dead-end road, and if (when) the road continues to break away into the ravine, we will have no way of getting in or out of our homes.

A neighbor was told that the road would not be repaired as long as there was enough of it left for access by an emergency vehicle. Right now, an ambulance could make it through, but passage by a large fire truck would be dicey.

We’re stuck here; Collard Lake Road is our only way in and out.

The County tells us that this is not a County road, even though they have been repairing it and mowing the edges on an irregular basis it up until about two years ago.

Is there anyone with some possible solutions?

We’re listening!

—Skip & Camille Thomsen


No problem with government shutdown

Welcome to 2019 and it already looks to be a banner year for Democrats to spread socialist programs.

It looks like a few local letter-writing stalwarts such as Win Jolley and Donna Mlinek are attempting to raise the bar on the craziness. Mr. Jolley’s “Wal-mart and Walgreens” letter (“Lots of Different Walls,” Jan. 12) shows he doesn’t want to be taken seriously. And Ms. Mlinek’s verbal calisthenics (“Never Called for Open Borders,” Jan. 12), while Golden Globe quality, were not realistic.

As for President Trump, he does seem to turn a phrase upside and sideways on the way to getting to the point. Nevertheless, he is on the right track. So let’s be clear: a wall, fence or whatever you want to call it is certainly a good starting point — and no, no one is saying build a wall on the whole length of the border. Personally, I would do much more to start with. But the whole country would go crazy.

Do I have a problem with the Government shut down?

Not in the least.

To the letter writer who's son is in the foreign service (Gail Katz Hanson, “With All Due Respect,” Jan. 12), I would remind her that he will get paid in the long run. However, the officer who was killed in Newman will not come back to life.

And neither will all the others who have been killed by illegals. And I don’t believe the BS that citizens commit more crimes than illegals because the fact is this: If they weren't here, those people would still be alive.

My idea of a solution would include: 0 illegals coming over the border and 0 overstaying their visas. So whatever it takes to get there is fine with me.

Thank You, President Trump, for having the internal fortitude to stand against the haters.

—David Eckhardt


 What about protecting our coastal borders?     

If we had a president who was actually concerned about border security, there would be no more important federally funded group than the United States Coast Guard.

They protect all of us day to day along three much longer boarders than the one between us and Mexico.

I am specifically referencing the west coast, the east coast and the gulf coasts.

—Sheldon L. Meyer, PhD



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