Collard Road issues; Where were decorations; Lack of MLK Day flags — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23, 2019

Collard Road issue has deep roots

The issue of County maintenance of Collard Lake Road has a long and inglorious history, going back nearly 20 years. Most recently, in the fall of 2016, a group of concerned residents, myself among them, raised the issue with the County Board, Mr. Bozievich, et al, only to be told in no uncertain terms that the county will not accept any responsibility for the maintenance of this “local access road.” 

Regular maintenance falls to the residents to shoulder any costs incurred, excepting only emergency situations wherein access for emergency vehicles is impeded. The core of the issue is the contention of the county that the road budget simply cannot afford to provide any regular maintenance.

The reality is that Collard Lake Road is a disaster waiting to happen. This recent failure of one section is only a harbinger of what will, most certainly, be a much worse situation to come.

There are sections of the road where cracking and subsidence is obviously endangering not only access for the approximately 95 homes dependent on the road, but clearly threatens residents of properties below, along Mercer Lake Road.

It should be remembered that, not long ago, a failure of nearby Chapman Road resulted in the destruction of a home and the death of a resident.

What the county fails to accept is the simple fact that the cost to the county of regular maintenance will shrink to insignificance should a catastrophic event occur, an event that would seem inevitable to anyone looking closely at the current conditions along the more precarious sections of the road.

It is not a matter of what will happen, only of when.

—Jimmie Zinn


Where were the holiday decorations?

So another holiday season has passed, and once again no holiday decorations to speak of on our businesses along Highway 101.

Mapleton and Reedsport have very nice holiday decorations, so why not Florence ?

Friends, relatives visiting us and fellow Florence residents have commented on our lack of holiday spirit everywhere but Old Town.

And now an unattractive mural is being proposed at a huge cost?   

Couldn’t a more attractive mural be found at less cost?

—Barbara Cavarno


Curious about the lack of flags on MLK Day

One of the many things I love about Florence is the civic pride displayed during national holidays by placing American flags along our major thoroughfares. I believe this is done by a private group and their efforts are to be highly commended!

But I did find it curious while I was out on MLK Day and didn’t see any flags out.

Maybe someone from the paper could contact them to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

—Rob Welles


(Editor’s Note: The posting of flags along the highways and around town during national holidays is through the Florence Kiwanis Club, which is limited to the number of volunteers available for that program. To find out more about the flag program, visit


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