Collard Road collapsing; Not singling out Trump; Lots of different walls; With all due respect; Never called for open boarders — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 12, 2019

Need help before Collard Road collapses

My wife and I own a home that the recent wash out on Collard Lake Road affects. Once these washouts start they just don’t stop — they get worse, especially with the rainy season upon us. This crisis will only get worse. It is not just an inconvenience but could result in loss of life.

Can you imagine a car going over the side of the ravine with children in it?

Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich, through his office, has decided the road does not need repair and is not the county's responsibility as long as an emergency vehicle can navigate past the danger.

How out of touch with the situation that is; not every driver has the training our first responders have.

I would go visit him in person. However, I am working in Kuwait supporting our military and our allies.

I have your back and I need Commissioner Bozieich to have my wife’s and all the residents of the Collard Lake community.

Please call the commissioner or write. We need the community’s help.

—Alex Orobey


Not singling out Trump

In response to Mr. Tony Cavarno’s letter of Jan. 9 (“Sour Grapes, Plain and Simple”) regarding my letter of Jan. 5 (“We Are Becoming Dangerously Malleable”), I would point out that I did not single out Mr. Trump, but also indicated that the fervent supporters of his predecessor were just as adamant about his qualities.

Nor did I mean to suggest that everyone who is politically active is blind to criticism, but the reality is that true believers do abound in large numbers on both sides of the isle.

—Jimmie Zinn      


Lots of different walls

Seems like Trump’s Wall has been back on the burner once again as he tries to convince us of the need for one. There have been all kinds of walls in history.

There is the Great Wall of China which is 13,171 miles long and which did not deter invaders coming from another direction.

Then we have Walmart and Walgreens, which are not really walls. There is the West Bank Barrier (Wall) which is much like a volleyball court with the Palestinians on one side and the Israelis on the other side — and the wall being the net.

Instead of lobbing a ball over the net they lob rockets which brings us to the 91-mile Berlin Wall, which was a separation of states; good versus evil; until it came tumbling down. 

Now we come to Trump’s Wall.

The border between Mexico and USA is 1,954 miles long. Presently there are 700 miles of a hodgepodge of fencing consisting of wire mesh, chain link, post and rail with some to keep vehicles out and some to keep livestock from crossing.

Now if you do not include the 700 miles of fence, which is not really a wall, there only a few hundred miles of actual steel/concrete wall currently in place. Trump’s request for $5.7 billion to build an unneeded concrete fence is a small portion of what a complete wall would cost, which would be more like $80 billion (which would possibly double due to government overrides.)

I forgot the Jerusalem Wailing Wall.

Because the Wall will not be built, one portion of Trump’s wall could be designated as his own wailing wall.

—Win Jolley


With all due respect

I promised myself I would try and stay away from voicing my political opinions in 2019. Well, that didn’t last long. 

With all due respect to Mr. Cavarno, I don’t think it matters how many presidents one has lived through to see the writing on The Wall (No pun intended). 

I’m 68, I’ll let you figure out how many presidents I’ve lived through, but I didn’t pay attention to any president until I was old enough to vote — except of course, the assassination of JFK.

All presidents, by the very fact that they are supposed to be representing all Americans, are open to criticism.  Seems to me that Mr. Trump is seen and heard on video in his meeting with “Nancy” and “Chuck” that he “would be proud to shut down the government” if he didn’t get his wall. 

He would not blame the Democrats; he would own it. Well, it’s just another one of Mr. Trump’s many, many, many lies.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand how any Trump supporter — ardent or not — can believe or trust anything he says. Google-Fact Checking Trump’s speech on Jan. 8, his so called “facts” are as misleading as the day is long.

There are  far better ways to spend $5.7 billion to keep our country safe from drugs, human traffickers, etc. 

We do need comprehensive immigration reform and at the same time we can put the government back to work. Trump says this is a crisis of both heart and spirit. If he really cared, he would put the hundreds of thousands of people back to work immediately.

But I believe his pride is much larger than his heart and truly has no capacity to relate to the problems and misery he is causing the furloughed government workers.

My son works for the State Department’s Foreign Service and he and his family currently live in Pretoria, South Africa. He is considered Essential Personnel and has to work without pay. How does Mr. Trump’s holding federal employees hostage help anyone? 

Sour grapes? 

I think not.

—Gail Katz Hanson


Never called for open boarders

Regarding Tony Cavarno's letter ("Sour Grapes, Plain and Simple," Jan. 9), I have frequently heard Republicans claim that Clinton, Obama, Schumer and Pelosi approved a wall in the past and now oppose it simply because the current administration wants it. 

The facts, which do not support that claim, are as follows: In 2006, the Secure Fence Act authorized building a fence (not a wall) along 700 miles of border. Clinton, Obama (then a senator), Schumer and Pelosi all voted for that bill. By 2015, 654 miles of that fence were completed.

The appropriations bill passed at the end of last year and rejected by the president provided $1.3 billion for fencing and other types of border security and stipulated that funds could be used to repair and improve the existing fencing built under the 2006 act.

Therefore, Schumer and Pelosi's 2018 proposal for funding is completely consistent with their vote for border fencing in 2006. What they oppose is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on a wall that will not improve border security. Contrary to the president's claims, most drugs enter the U.S. through legal ports of entry; the majority of suspected terrorists that have been apprehended have been caught at airports.

I am also tired of hearing that "Democrats want open borders." I'm a Democrat and I don't want open borders. I challenge anyone to cite a Democrat who has called for open borders. Schumer and Pelosi have never called for open borders, and have repeatedly said they want strong border security — but they want it to be effective and humane.

If there is any inconsistency, it is on the part of the president, who said Mexico would pay for the wall. Now he wants to pay for his ineffective wall with our tax dollars.

Why aren’t his supporters calling him on that?

—Donna Mlinek



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