City streets being striped this week

Under a co-operative contract with the City of Florence, Lane County crews will be striping city streets on Wednesday, Aug. 2 and Thursday, Aug. 3.

The City of Florence maintains 87.98 lane miles of roadway with approximately 37.97 of those center lane miles. Next to traffic control device maintenance, striping is a top safety priority for area roadways.

The public as asked to give striping crews plenty of room and watch for the “wet paint” signs on Florence streets.

Although crews use fast-drying, water-based paint, driving over fresh stripes or changing lanes when following a striping crew can remove the reflectivity of the stripe, reduce safety, increase maintenance costs, and splash paint onto vehicles.

The City of Florence does not assume responsibility for paint on vehicles.

Watch for “wet paint” warning signs and warning trucks. Don’t change lanes behind a striping truck.

The paint used is engineered to last, so it can be difficult to remove from vehicles. Once the paint is sprayed on roadways, it can take as little as 30 seconds or as long as five minutes to dry. If you do happen to drive over wet paint, it should be removed within the hour by a high-pressure hose and using warm soapy water.

The City and County will deny all reimbursement claims if a driver crosses wet paint.

The paint is water based (better for the environment) and as the paint is applied, thousands of small glass beads are deposited upon the wet paint. The glass beads reflect light even at night. When vehicle headlights hit the paint, tiny spheres in the glass beads reflect the light, making the stripes brighter for drivers in dark or rainy conditions.

For more details about street striping operations, call City of Florence Public Works at 541-997-4106.


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