City staff is governing; Mark Born is the leader we need — Letters to the Editor, May 11, 2019

The position for Board Member on the Lane Education Service District is a very important position.

City staff is governing rather than council

Recently at a Florence Urban Renewal Agency (FURA) meeting, a curious action and vote took place. The controversial mural issue arose and the case was made by a well spoken member of the  committee.

She wondered why the total funding was changed from $125K to $83K a year. Many on the  FURA committee, as well as City Council, seemed confused as there was no previous notice — just a stroke of the staff management pen.

This procedure puts the employees in charge of the employer being the City Council. It also short changes those who voted for the mural at a different monetary level, as well as the public.

Not a good sign; not a good precedent; not the way to run a ship. However, we have seen this movie before on multiple ocassions including the procedure used at the original mural public meeting at the FEC favoring passage.

Benjamin Franklin rightly said at the Federal Convention, “I have lived long Sir and the longer I live the more convincing proof I see of this truth,  that God governs in the affairs of men.”

In the case of Florence, it seems the city staff is governing instead of the elected officials. May this flaw be corrected soon or we will get government by and for the unelected officials.

It is now time for our elected officials to assert their prerogative of decision making. Every one of our fine city council are good people, but need to take charge before Florence grows and then it will be too late in the game..

Yes, Mr. Franklin had the right idea: “‘God governs in the affairs of men’, when unelected officials don’t intrude.

God bless America.

—Joel Marks


Mark Boren is the leader we need at Lane ESD

I am confused. I have seen Nora Kent’s name on the ballot a lot lately. The position for Board Member on the Lane Education Service District  is a very important position.

I want someone with the most experience. Mark Boren has that experience and understanding.He has worked in the education field, even for Lane ESD.

He was an instructional Assistant in Special Education for 15 years and a training officer for Lane ESD. He has volunteered widely in his community as a volunteer fireman, a sports coach, the Lane Community College EMT Advisory Board, Northwest Christian University Advisory Board for ethics and leadership.

He also served as the Booster Club President in his community.

Obviously, Mark Boren is a leader and able to work well with many. His time serving and working in these definitely makes him the best candidate for the Lane ESD board.

I will be markng my ballot for Mark Boren.

—Laurie Curruthers



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