City of Florence addresses how to report issues, concerns

Jan. 13, 2021 — Sharing items on social media is not how the City and/or our partner agencies receive complaints or reports.

It has become increasingly easy for people to share information on social media expecting that it is sufficient for reporting issues of concern.

Over the past few months, we have experienced community members upset that the City did not see and/or respond to social media reports related to storm damage, smoke concerns over fires, theft, or criminal activity that had been shared in private and/or public community groups.

While we may see items and they may be sent to City staff, the City and the Police Department do not have staff who monitor private and/or public community groups. The City urges  community members to contact the City with any concerns or need to report an issue to a City department. 

Full contact details for City departments are available at, as well as our contact form.

The most common issues reported relate to Public Works and the Police Department.

Public Works can be contacted at 541-997-4106 during normal business hours.

To reach the Police Department or to contact Public Works after normal business hours, call the non-emergency line at 541-997-3515.