Christian values; Share your outrage; Walls is 19th-Century solution — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 30, 2019

Are those really Christian values?

As much as I am worried about the president and what he may have up his sleeves, I am even more worried about those who seem to support his legacy of hatred and bullying.

In a recent Letter to the Editor from David Eckhardt, he said he agrees with the president and had no problem with the shut down “ the least bit.”

Is he OK with the hatred toward our neighbors? And is he ok with the fact that federal workers could not buy groceries to feed their families?

Christ did not promote hatred. He believed in love, saying to “Love your neighbor.” That includes our neighbors next door and those living in the country next door.

Immigrants are not the problem in this nation. “Not in the least bit.”

The biggest problem this country is facing is greed and a government controlled by selfish billionaires whose only concern is to increase their wealth — without the “least bit” concern for the 99.9 percent of their fellow Americans, the environment, the planet and the animals.

Are those really Christian values? 

—Liat Meller


 Share your outrage ASAP

If Siuslaw News readers listened last evening to Captain Sullenberger’s assessment of the dire risk to the public and the aviation system that the last shutdown produced (not to mention the estimated $11 billion dollars it cost the public), then they ought to be part of  a public outrage to the suggestion that another shutdown may be on the horizon.

Washington needs to hear from all of us before that becomes a reality.


 —Nan Harvey


Wall is 19th-century solution to 21st-century problem

I was sorry to read that some had “No Problem with Government Shutdown” (David Eckhardt, Jan. 16). It cost taxpayers billions of dollars, hurt our economy and caused hardship for hundreds of thousands of people. 

It was a total failure on the part of the president because Donald Trump is incapable of governing. Governing requires a leader who can negotiate, compromise, understand complex issues from multiple perspectives, and work with others to find creative solutions.

For two years, members of Congress abdicated their responsibility as a co-equal branch of government by allowing him to dictate. The president clearly is a wannabe strongman who loves and praises dictators (Putin, Kim, Mohammed bin Salman).

But dictating isn't how we roll here in America, and now that Democrats control the House, the president’s incompetence is glaringly obvious.

The shutdown was 100 percent on him; he initially said so himself before deflecting the blame later. Democrats and even some Republicans have offered compromises and bills that would have reopened the government sooner while negotiations on border security continued. Meanwhile, the president has offered nothing but repeated demands for exactly what he wants and nothing else — much like a petulant child.

I, too, would like to see an end to illegal immigration. But a wall is a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem and I know we can do better. 

My heart does go out to people who have lost  loved ones in crimes committed by people here illegally; but I am also saddened by the many more people who have lost loved ones to the opioid crisis and to gun violence committed by legal citizens born right here in this country. Opioids and guns are two problems that two years of Republican rule have failed to address.

I hate that the shutdown hurt our country, but I think Democrats are right to send the message to our president that America is not a dictatorship.

Thank you, Speaker Pelosi, for reinstating the balance of powers that our founders implemented.

—Donna Mlinek


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