Ceniga for West Lane County Commissioner


Siuslaw News Guest Viewpoint

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Rural Oregon is often forgotten during the election season. Our issues are not the same as those in the Willamette Valley. And we need leaders that understand that. We need to make sure to support those leaders when we cast our ballots. That is why I unconditionally support Ryan Ceniga for West Lane County Commissioner.

Ryan grew up in rural Oregon, working with his hands, and he has a full understanding of the issues we face. He worked on farms in the valley, working his way up maintaining the equipment needed to operate farms that produce our food. He fully understands the farm to table concept. He is a manager in water distribution for EWEB.

Ryan has two daughters in public schools. He coached them in sports. He serves in many organizations in his community, now serving on the school board. Ryan won his school board position by a landslide against two other qualified candidates. That shows he is respected by his community.

Recently, he was instrumental in helping plan the volunteer installation of lighting on the school’s high school football field. He also volunteered to help with the Mapleton Water District issue on his own time.

Ryan knows the issues affecting Western Lane County. He knows that affordable housing and homelessness are huge issues. Yet throwing money at the problem will do no good without addressing the root issues of mental health and drug and alcohol abuse.

Ryan believes in a strong public safety plan with adequate funding for additional police protection in rural areas. He, unlike other opponents in this race, would never back defunding the police. That is why he is supported by law enforcement agencies in this race. They know he fully supports them and will do all he can to keep us safe.

Ryan is also supported by the current West Lane County Commissioner, Jay Bozievich, and Oregon State Rep. Boomer Wright.

Ryan understands the importance of strong fiscal responsibility. He knows how to manage a budget, as he has done on the school board. He knows throwing money at problems, raising taxes or implementing more programs is not often the answer.

I love Ryan’s common-sense approach to issues. He is not a dreamer, but rather a “how can we fix this and how can we get it done” kind of guy. He will not flip flop on issues that he believes in but he is good at finding compromise. He is respectful and willing to work together to find solutions.

From the first day I met him, I knew he would be approachable, respectful and that his door would always be open to us in Western Lane County. He is a great listener.

Ryan supports and respects small business owners and all they go through to employ local workers and keep their doors open for business. He knows that we can’t afford more regulations and taxation. He is not a career politician who plans to spend his life in public office. He saw the needs in our rural areas and is willing to give up quite a lot to fight for us on the Lane County Board of Commissioners. He’s not seeking a job. He is seeking a way to help make Lane County more livable and safer, while protecting our way of life.

Please join me in casting your vote for Ryan Ceniga for West Lane County Commissioner. You will be glad you did.