Celebrate exploding whale; grease the wheels of discourse' fire tragedy preventable — Letters to the Editor, Nov. 28, 2018

Celebrate the ‘exploding whale’

I am writing in response to the Nov. 14 article (“In Memorium of Florence’s Exploding Whale”) on the exploding whale celebrations.

I think that the exploding whale is and always will be considered a funny moment in Florence’s history. There are some people that view the whale explosion as an embarrassing event that should be buried like the whale should’ve been.

It was a silly decision to blow up the whale with some dynamite, but most people view it as a funny event that just made Florence famous. I’m glad that no one actually died from falling blubber or else the event might have been considered a grave mistake.

I haven’t heard of any other celebrations for the anniversary of the exploding whale, but what happened on the 48th anniversary was funny. I liked the re-enactment of the explosion at the beach. It created a fun and positive view on a city’s mishaps. The people who re-enacted the explosion probably got a good laugh out of it. Like the article said, the median age for people in this town is around 60, so doing the re-enactment gives the younger people something fun to do.

For the 50th anniversary, it would be cool to have a bigger celebration done. This year’s whale had about 10 people used to make it. I think it would be exciting to have a huge re-enactment done by the whole town or a couple hundred people. It would generate more excitement in Florence for the younger people in this city, and could create more publicity for Florence.

Some tourists might hear about the event or be passing by and want to join in or spectate.

—Daniel Olson


Grease the wheels of local discourse

I am hopeful that we can bridge the political divides in our town, and I liked seeing letters in the paper recently about participating in democracy.

I may have missed a few, but two I saw were about voting and about bringing concerns to the Florence City Council in person.

I say, Bravo!

What are other ways we can grease the gears of our local — and perhaps national — discourse? Letter writing parties? Phone banks on important issues?  Weekly discussion groups with a focus and a facilitator? Monthly forums on topics of interest or concern?

I participate in some activities like these and I encourage others to do the same. Start a forum or activity if what you want to do is not around yet; if you build it, they will come.

From the resulting enriching and thought provoking interactions comes guidance, support and camaraderie.

—Ivy Medow,


Fire tragedy was largely preventable

While the fires in California were horrendous, the terrible loss of life and property was largely preventable. President Trump was 100 percent correct when he said the forest was mishandled.

We are now seeing the end result of decades of lawsuits designed by “environmentalists” designed to not cut trees and stay out of the forests.

Remember the warnings (lies) about the spotted owl, wolves and cougar hunting?

We need to clear-cut, thin and take out trees that are infected with bark beetles or that are just plain unhealthy.

There is a lot of lumber in the forest, so why buy from Canada?

They need to take big tractors, crush the undergrowth and dig up the dried grass.

Two years ago, California had heavy rains which filled all the reservoirs. Everything grew like crazy. A few years later, it burned.

This cycle has been going on forever and will not stop.

— Martin Cable

Dunes City

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