Business at 'Gateway' should be the right fit — Letters to the Editor, Sept. 21, 2019

Business at ‘Gateway’ should be the right fit

From what I understand, Pro Lumber is moving from its present location at Highway 101 and Maple Street to where the Woodman’s Nursery was north of town (near Fred Meyer).

What information I have been able to find is the “Gateway” to Old Town will be at the junction of Highway 101 and Maple Street with some of the large vacated property used as park land.

Now there is a proposal to put  the Florence Yamaha motorsports facility (currently east of Florence on Highway 126) on the corner of our “Gateway” to historic Old Town?

I’m glad no one proposed a used car lot because it seems as though planners might have considered it. If those in charge want some sort of sports or recreation related business, why not a bicycle shop with rental bikes which would be a small imprint? Better yet, why not a coffee/bakery shop?

One last thing about our new “Gateway.” I assume that what looks like a concrete arch is only in concept. If anything, I think it should be made out of large handcrafted timbers using old traditional construction methods in celebration of our logging past.

—Win Jolley



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