'Breath of Spring' breezes through Home & Garden Show

March 7, 2018 — The 22nd annual Florence Home & Garden Show welcomed spring to the area last weekend as 3,100 people came through the doors of the Florence Events Center (FEC).

“A Breath of Spring” was the theme of this year’s show, as multiple vendors created elaborate displays exhibiting various home and garden products, from hot tubs, furniture, appliances, woodwork and home decor. The centerpiece of the show was a large floral exhibit created by Laurel Bay Gardens.

“It was one of our better shows based on the variety and quality of the displays,” said event organizer Jon Thompson of KCST, who presented the show in conjunction with the Siuslaw News. Displays at the show included a full bedroom by Roby’s furniture, a restroom display featuring a claw foot tub and working shower by ReVision Design Build and a full kitchen cabinet set by Willamette Custom Woodworks.

“One of the keys to our show is that it’s small, so we have to have good diversity in our vendor lineup,” Thompson said. “I think this was one of the shows where we had a really good variety from multiple categories that fit the theme. That, combined with vendors that did outstanding displays, is what made this year stand out.”

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