Blue-green Algal identified in Siltcoos

Oct. 20, 2018 — A blue-green algal bloom was identified on Kiechle Arm of Siltcoos Lake last week on Friday resulting in a warning being issued by Dunes City at the request of the Oregon Health Authority.

The cyanotoxin level at that site is above drinking water values for vulnerable people, who include children under age 5, pregnant women, the elderly and the immune compromised. The Oregon Health Authority recommends that raw lake water not be ingested by these individuals. The general population, however, is not affected.

The Boy Scout Camp, which tests its water on the west side of the Boy Scout peninsula, reports no presence of cyanobacteria at their site. Also, local public water systems, such as South Coast Water District, that draw from Siltcoos are testing clear of toxins after treatment.

Concern, however, is expressed for those homes that draw out of Siltcoos for their domestic water source. Dunes City Administrator Mills explained “Home water treatment systems may not reduce or eliminate the toxin and boiling and camp-style filters are not effective either.

The best bet is to limit any form of ingestion (drinking or cooking) of the water from Siltcoos until we get the all-clear from the Oregon Health Authority.”

Efforts are being made by the City to contact each Siltcoos Lake use permit holder. For more information about blooms, exposures or illnesses in people or pets, call the Oregon Health Authority at 971-673-0440.

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