Blockage leads to release of untreated wastewater overflow

A warning sign was posted by members of Florence Public Works this morning following an overflow south of First and Ivy streets — courtesy photo 


FLORENCE — City of Florence Public Works Department was notified of a possible sewer issue at 8:40am Friday morning. Upon investigation, City crews discovered a blockage that resulted in a release of untreated wastewater. The obstruction was cleared by 9:15am Friday, April 13th.

As a result of this blockage approximately 5,500 to 28,000 gallons of wastewater overflowed from a sanitary sewer manhole adjacent to a stormwater outfall and entered the Siuslaw River in Florence. The sanitary sewer manhole is located 100 feet south of 1st Street within the Ivy Street right-of-way.

The sanitary sewer overflow occurred between 2:30 pm Thursday, April 12th and 9:15am Friday, April 13th. The cause of the overflow is believed to be from a dislodged mass of solidified grease that obstructed the main sewer line. The blockage allowed sewer to backup and overflow the manhole.

City staff have taken water quality samples in the affected area, upstream on the Siuslaw River and downstream on the Siuslaw River. Notices have been posted to advise the public of the spill and to avoid the immediate surrounding area. City staff will file reports with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and has notified the Oregon Emergency Response System.

The City would like to take this opportunity to remind its citizens and businesses of the importance of disposing of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Fats, oils and greases are never to be disposed of in the sink or sewer system. As always the City is committed to environmental stewardship, providing cost effective and efficient wastewater collection, treatment and bio-solids handling operations that are compliant with federal and state regulations, which will ensure a clean and safe environment for future generations.

For more information, call the City of Florence Public Works Department 541-997-4106

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