Better care than in any metropolis — Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4, 2020

Better care options than in any metropolis

Should I encounter any, I try to resolve problems with providers — assuming I and others will be more likely to avoid them the future — if I can straighten anything out.

I also try to give “attaboys” when someone has done an exceptional job, in person, by phone or by mail.

On Dec. 30, I had a Physician’s Assistant appointment at Peace Health’s new Primary Care Provider site, the first day the PCP’s began sharing an office with the walk-in clinic.

I saw Jeff Hughes, who was consummately professional and helpful (as usual), as was the support staff. Despite the move to the facility, the care I received was exemplary and seamless. While I was there, I got a call from Hunt Family Dentistry asking if I wanted to move an appointment up from the next day, as they had a cancellation.

I went straight there and quickly saw a Dental Assistant, a Hygienist and Dr. Darren Hunt. Frankly, I was delighted by the accommodation I received, the state-of-the-art facilities, and the professionalism of all their staff — including the front desk.

Thanks to another cancellation, they moved an appointment I’d had for cleaning up to the first week of January, though I had been scheduled to be seen in April.

Florence isn’t a big city, but the care I received in both places was better than I would have expected in any metropolis in the U.S.

We’re fortunate to have providers such as these.

—Frank Smith



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