Back to school

Thursday, nearly 240 teachers, administrators, faculty and staff met for the Siuslaw School District All Staff Meeting and 2019-20 Kick Off.  The event, which was held on Aug. 30 at the Siuslaw Middle School, was also a chance for staff who were either new to Siuslaw School District, or who had been transferred to new roles or positions within the district.  Pictured are the following staff, in a photo provided by the Siuslaw School District. 

Front row left to right: Josh Payne, Annie Kidwell, Gracie Aguirre, Jason Metting, Sara Yauger, Sheena Moore, Jaime Kitchen, Kathleen Garcia, Erika Paselk, Hayden Muller.

Middle row: Debra Free, Ashley Juniper, Athena Howard, Jeanne Harris, Lindy Borrevik, Brandi Bailey, Alvin Cable, Cathy Kinyon, Audra Distifeno, Corina Carr, Jadzia Simpson-Berry, Julie Barry, Beth Latta.

Back row: Laurie Cox, Amanda Richards, Patrick Peters, Donnie Danials, Jeff Moses, Robin Moses-Mielke, Joseph Niles, Josh Smith