Artists prepare for ‘A Novel Call for Art’

BeauxArts Fine Art Materials & Gallery is hosting a call for art related to the current times as a way to encourage healthy and positive behavior

March 20, 2020 — As people venture through best practices, fear, stocking up and being kind to others, they may or may not have a place to express their thoughts. BeauxArts Fine Art Materials & Gallery is hosting a call for art related to the current times as a way to encourage healthy and positive behavior.

“A Novel Call for Art: Expression of Feelings, Thoughts, Connections and Beyond during a Pandemic” is open to all artists — visual, literary, performing, culinary and beyond.

Ideally, a show or exhibition will be created from what is submitted, though the deadline has yet to be finalized.

The parameters are big for the exhibition since this call includes various types of expression. Currently, images, videos and more will be linked to a special gallery site available online.

BeauxArts owner Jo Beaudreau decided to host the art call after the pandemic caused her to temporarily work from home.

“As a person who studied art, visual arts and American studies, our expressions, thoughts and interactions matter,” Beaudreau said. “We may not see it now or later, but others will. Keeping records of day to day and expressions of our life and interactions have value. We can learn more about ourselves and others, work through various issues and empower each other.”

She encouraged people to make something, save it somehow and share it with others.

“If it is food, write down the recipe and flavors, take an image or video, and eat it up,” she said.

It’s an acknowledgement that things are ephemeral, and the way people are being asked to live is very fluid right now.

“Expression helps us process, take action and motivate us,” Beaudreau said. “We can share our experiences to our next generations and those who are far away.”

To participate in “A Novel Call for Art,” people should email Beaudreau at to [email protected] or contact her through her store’s social media page. Content will be posted in a special online gallery once art has been submitted.

“As more and more people are self-quarantining, we want to celebrate you and what you create,” Beaudreau added. “Contact BeauxArts if you need inspiration or ideas.”

Some project ideas could be to:

• Create a book. Books are be all sorts of things, thing outside of the Book! Keep a portfolio of what you create and add notes about your thoughts.

• Make a journal with day to day updates that include who you talked to, your feelings, poems, short stories and experiences.

• Perform a song and record it.

• Make a gourmet meal or try a new recipe.

• Write a poem.

• Draw, paint or color, using whatever materials you already have.

• And many more.