Around in circles


Artist brings Circles in the Sand back to Florence

Oct. 20, 2021 — The fourth iteration of Circles in the Sand took place on Saturday near Driftwood Shores in Florence. The popular but unusual artistic event was held under sunny skies and thousands of curious residents in attendance.

“I am really glad we are in Florence again. The people here are always very welcoming and we really enjoy our stay here,” said artist and designer Denny Dyke. 

Dyke creates labyrinths drawn in the sand on the Oregon Coast. His designs are coordinated by a small team that have been working with him for years on this unique form of artistic expression.

People are then encouraged to visit the large-scale public art installation and walk the paths, which can be an introspective, even meditative, experience. 

The idea behind “Circles” originally came from Dyke’s personal walking meditations. He was fascinated by the ocean and the ever-changing nature of the mixing of sand and ocean. He then refined his design methods and developed specific techniques for “drawing” the designs he sees in his mind. Each one is specifically created for the space and time of each particular event.

Dyke designed his first “Dreamfield” labyrinth in September 2014 in Bandon. He has created hundreds of designs since then, every pattern with a single path with no wrong turns or dead ends. 

After the team creates the pattern, the path is walked by those who help with the raking and clearing of the labyrinth and by all who attend that wish to walk. 

Each event has a basic theme, which revolves around the central theme of love, according to Dyke. 

Walks take about 20 minutes. The design is often washed away during the next tidal change.

Many Florence residents have participated in Circles in the Sand over the years, and many have traveled to other locations to contribute to draws in those areas.

“I have gone to Bandon twice to groom the draw and now my husband and grandchildren are hooked and are here to help create Denny’s amazing designs,” said Terri Johannes as she walked the finished labyrinth. “We really like the idea of walking for peace, love and the environment.” 

Locally, Driftwood Shores Resort and Conference Center, Sand Master Park Sandboarding and Venomous Sandboards, Sea Lion Caves, Mo’s Seafood and Chowder and The Little Brown Hen restaurant sponsored the annual even

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