Announcing the 2022 Rhododendron Senior Court

Photo courtesy Rhododendron Court Committee

Rhody Days to be ‘Back in Bloom’ this May

Jan. 14, 2022 — On Friday, the Rhododendron Court Committee held an assembly at Siuslaw High School to crown the 10 members of the 2022 Rhododendron Senior Court. The Junior Court will be announced at an assembly next week. This year’s seniors are Princess Alexia Clark, Princess Haylee Cole, Princess Alex Fuller, Princess Cameron Kentta and Princess Alizabeth Norton, who will be competing for the title of Queen Rhododendra. In addition, Prince Jason Garcia, Prince Chad Hughes, Prince Camp Lacouture, Prince Joseph Shepard and Prince James Smith will seek to earn the title of King of the Coast. Nine of the court members are from Siuslaw, and Shepard is from Mapleton. The Florence Rhododendron Festival will be May 18 to 22, 2022, with a theme of “Back in Bloom.” The Rhododendron Court Coronation will be held Thursday, May 19.