An American only, belonging to no political party

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There are only two hyphenated Americans: 

Anti- and Un-. 

Pro-American is redundant because Americans love their country — warts and all — never ceasing in the quest for “... a more perfect Union.”

Tensions between the North and South began in the 1830s. America, when secession first was considered, was the United States, emphasis on states. Publisher Wm. Lloyd Garrison of Boston, Mass., called for secession in 1844.

The Republican Party was founded March 20, 1854, to oppose slavery’s expansion advocated by Democrats.

Robert. E. Lee, in an 1856 letter to his wife, stated slavery is “a moral and political evil,” continuing, “Their emancipation will sooner result from the mild and melting influences of Christianity than from the storm and tempest of fiery controversy. This influence, though slow, is sure.”

For 100 years after the end of the Civil War, Democrats opposed integration. Johnson ended that perfidy when he browbeat the Southern Democrats into submission with his disgusting promise of 200 years of gratitude for Democrats. 

As a result, the subsequent 55 years has seen a leftist social program expansion ushering the destruction of the family, 75 percent illegitimacy, over 60,000 abortions each year, sky-rocketing illiteracy — all examples of Patronization at its worst.

Progressive administrations have run some of the most violent cities in America for decades. Their oath abrogation and allowing protesters to run riot will have a bad end, as it has countless times in history: the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Nazi Germany all succeeded because of a perception in the masses of a lack of will and a loss of faith in the government.

Radicals may envisage similar success. They discount at their peril that at some point the good people may have had enough and will respond in kind. Viral social media, coupled with opportunistic progressives, are playing with matches in a powder keg.

As an American, I feel truly ill at the resent desecration of the 54th Massachusetts Memorial. After the 1st Kansas Colored, the 54th was the 2nd all Black regiment in America. The film “Glory” memorialized their experience.

The mob’s ignorance is both tragic and a ringing indictment of the progressive agenda.

Historical facts:

  • Slavery was outlawed in England, on June 22, 1772. Slavery remains a global scourge and did not originate in America.
  • The vast majority of American whites owned no slaves.
  • Freeing the slaves with no plan or infrastructure killed about 40 percent from disease and starvation.
  • Millions of Americans can proudly trace their history back to enslaved ancestors. Slaves in many parts of the world leave no progeny.

Rules to live by:

  • Your rights end at the tip of my nose.
  • Don’t trust anyone who wants you to be just like them.
  • All lives matter. To say otherwise is racist; we all bleed red.

• Anyone desiring to be a politician exhibits the reason why they should not.


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