Abandoned cat — Letters to the editor, Dec. 15

Abandoned cat

Dec. 15, 2018 — A neighbor passed away this summer.  His old cat was left to fend for itself.

This 9-year-old cat laid in the road waiting to die. One neighbor took “cat” in but was allergic.

The cat was then back on the street in cold weather. I took the cat in but had to keep it in the garage.

The cat got sicker, so I called our local humane society but was told, "Sorry, we are full and are a no-kill shelter."

They had no way of knowing when they would have room available.

Then I called a local vet, who said they would need to do a check-up before deciding if it was necessary to put the animal down. It would cost $65 or more.

I called Greenhill in Eugene and was told I could bring the cat in on Monday.

Greenhill will assess the cat to see if it lives or needs to be out down.

Warning: If you take in a sick or abandoned animal, be prepared to be stuck with the bill or the animal.

— Pat Rongey



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