A Herculean effort

Top Hydraulics, 3235 Pacific View Drive within the Pacific View Business Park in Florence, held its official ribbon cutting on Friday in celebration of the completion of its new state of the art production facility, which had its last inspection earlier that day.

A crowd of community members, representatives from local and regional governments, nonprofit organizations and construction businesses attended the event for the company, which creates replaceable car parts for convertibles.

Klaus Witte, who owns the company with his wife, Maria, thanked people for their continued support of the project, recounting the efforts put forth by the community to get the facility from concept to build in just a matter of months.

 It was a Herculean effort, according to Witte, with careful coordination between City of Florence officials and contractors playing a key role in the company’s creation. The result, Klaus said, was a company that can provide living wage jobs to the community.

“As we all know, living wage and stable jobs are important for Florence,” he said. “It’s important to give kids at school a perspective that they can have a place to come back to. Which brings me to our staff, which is why we’re doing this. A company’s staff is its most important asset, and by that measure, Top Hydraulics is rich.”

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