90by30 continues ‘5,000 Strong’ in Child Abuse Prevention Month

April 30, 2022 — Statistics show that 24,000 children, that’s one in three kids, in Lane County have experienced abuse or neglect in their lives, adversely impacting their ability to learn, connect and thrive. 90by30 is a Lane County initiative managed by the University of Oregon’s College of Education with the goal of “reducing child abuse in Lane County by 90% by the year 2030.” 

Florence and surrounding communities comprise the West Lane Region of the county. Since 2018, the West Lane Regional Leadership Team has initiated a number of successful projects aimed at reducing child abuse in our local communities. To date, the majority of funding has come from grants and private donations. The projects are run by local volunteers.

In order to expand our current projects and to initiate new projects, 90by30 launched the 5,000 Strong Campaign. This campaign is comprised of 5,000 individuals, businesses, faith communities, nonprofits and organizations across Lane County who make a commitment to take action that will help make Lane County a place where kids are safe and families are supported. 

The purpose of the campaign is two-fold: to increase awareness of 90by30 and its projects throughout Lane County, and to create an infrastructure for long-term financial sustainability. West Lane’s goal in the 5,000 Strong Campaign is to raise $25,000 from 250 individuals, organizations and businesses in our region.

There are various ways to participate in the 5,000 Strong Campaign. Check out 90by30.com to learn about local projects like Welcome Baby Bundle and Roots of Empathy. 

“Like us” on Facebook at www.facebook.com/90by30. 

Check out the blue pinwheel gardens that are planted around Florence and Mapleton during the month of April celebrating Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

Tell your friends about 90by30, either by word-of-mouth or via social media. 

Join our West Lane Regional Leadership Team. 

Consider making a gift of $100 a year to support our current and upcoming projects. $100 a year amounts to about $9 per month and will make you part of the 5,000 Strong Team. We also value one-time gifts. Donations can be made at friendsof90by30.org. Or contributions can be mailed to Friends of 90by30, P.O. Box 624, Florence, OR, 97439. You can stipulate that your donation is for the 5,000 Strong Campaign and that you want your gift to be used to support programs specifically in the West Lane region.

Child abuse is prevented when kids are connected, families are supported and community members take positive action. We can all play our part to reduce child abuse in West Lane. 90by30 welcomes your participation in the 5,000 Strong Campaign, at whatever level. Your contribution will help ensure that our projects continue to thrive, benefiting all kids and families. Together we can make West Lane a safe, healthy place for our children. 

For further information contact [email protected].